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INITB/17.DT Information Science — Spring 2018

University-wide courses  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6201.DT Scientific Thinking 6 Jaanika Meigas  
Core Optional Courses  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6023.DT Computer Graphics 4 Mati Mõttus  
INT6071.DT Legal Issues of Records Management 4 Kädi Riismaa  
Language Specialisation  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
LCE6424.HT English for Special Purposes I 6  
LCE6425.HT English for Special Purposes II 6  
LCE6426.HT English for Special Purposes III 6  
Acquisition, Analysis and Mediation of Information Resources  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
INT6076.DT Creation and Management of Metadata 6 Aile Möldre  
Compulsory courses: 12 ECTS
Electives: 14 ECTS