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Mati Mõttus

School of Digital Technologies


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Supervised theses

Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/16.DT Heart Rate Variability Assessment From iPhone Using Photoplethysmography (PPG): Boredom Experience Sampling Study 31.01.2020    
IFIMM/17.DT Difference of User's Experience with Popular Dating Apps in Southern and Northern European Countries 30.05.2019 ETERA  
IFIMM/10.DT The Impact of Website Design on Users' Trust Perceptions: Building Customers' Trust in a Website and, Consequently, the Brand/Company 30.05.2019 ETERA (co-supervisor)
IFIMM/16.DT Using Biofeedback to Avoid Concentration Distraction 30.05.2019 ETERA (co-supervisor)
IFIMM/16.DT Trust and Usefulness Related to the Use of the Tool Google Assistant 30.05.2019 ETERA (co-supervisor)