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Aile Möldre

Associate Professor
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFITD/17.DT Digital cultural heritage: preservation policy  
INITB/16.DT The Publishing of German-Language Books in Estonia at the End of the 19th and at the Beginning of the 20th Century Based on Kluge & Ströhm Publishing House  
INITB/17.DT Bibliotherapy in Estonian Children's Libraries: Qualification and Readiness for Usage  
INITB/17.DT The Methods of Book Advertising and Marketing in Estonia from Students` Viewpoint  
INITB/17.DT China on the Estonian Book Market: Chinese-themed Books and Translations from Chinese  
INITM/16.DT Digital Repositories: Access, Platforms and Preservation  
4 Bachelor's theses
2 Master's theses
1 Doctoral thesis