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David Jose Ribeiro Lamas

Professor of Interaction Design
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFITD/13.DT Design Artifacts as Business Decision Prompts: Tackling the Design and Business Value Gap  
IFITD/13.DT Activity Situated Semiotics in Human-Computer Interaction: Digitally Augmenting the Museum Experience  
IFITD/13.DT A framework for designing and deploying e-health systems in developing countries  
IFITD/13.DT A Reference Model for the Deployment of E-government Services in Developing Countries  
IFITD/15.DT Exploring the Role of Trust in User Engagement  
IFITD/15.DT Effectiveness of Online Therapy in the Cases of Mild and Major Depression or Anxiety Disorders  
IFITD/17.DT Infrastructuring Human-Body Based Multi-Sensory Interactions  
IFITD/18.DT Body-Centric Distributed User Interfaces: Conscious and Unconscious Perception in Body-Centric Haptic Displays  
IFITD/18.DT The Impact of Timing, Duration, and Frequency on Mobile Ad Effectiveness  
IFITD/17.DT The Interplay of Emotion and Trust in Human-like Technology (co-supervisor)
IFITD/18.DT Developing Art-Science Methodology in Neurochoreography Studies (co-supervisor)
3 Master's theses
11 Doctoral theses (2 as a co-supervisor)