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Linda Helene Sillat

Early-Stage Researcher
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFHTM/18.DT Changes in teachers' everyday work as a result of digital transformation in second and third level Tallinn schools  
IFHTM/18.DT Supporting the digital competence of pre-school children on the example of Lääne County  
IFHTM/18.DT Development program for digital competences for applied higher education teachers on the example of Tallinn University Haapsalu College  
IFHTM/18.DT The Role of the Leadership of the Prechool Child Care Institution as a Support of the Digital Competences of Teachers  
IFHTM/19.DT Development and Evaluation of a Digital Development Portfolio Prototype in Early Childhood Education  
IFHTM/19.DT Supporting Shared Leadership Through Educational Technology Learning Networks on the Example of Early Childhood Education  
IFHTM/19.DT Evaluating the Quality of Primary School Programming Learning Materials by Applying Different Teaching Methods  
IFIOM/18.DT Designing and Piloting Digital Competence Assessment Instrument for Second School Level  
IFIOM/18.DT Digital Competences for Young Students Under a Simplified and Primary School Curriculum in the Context of Inclusive Education Based on the Example of 6th Grade Students  
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