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Peadar Charles Callaghan

Junior Research Fellow
School of Digital Technologies


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Supervised theses


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
DTLGM/21.DT CyberTycoon – Serious Game with a Focus on Cyberattacks on Roblox: Design and Development 31.01.2024 ETERA
IFIFB/19.DT Using Big Model to Design and Prototype a Role-playing Video Game 29.01.2024  


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
DTLGM/19.DT The Possibilities of Maintaining the Quality and Expression of Speech in Game Translation With Limited Resources: Studying the Shortcomings of Speech Synthesis in Comparison to Voice Acting 02.06.2023 ETERA
DTLGM/21.DT A Study of Actual Game Use in Classrooms in International Schools in Estonia 02.06.2023 ETERA
DTLGM/21.DT The Impact of SuperBetter Game on Mental Health: A Case Study of a Social Media Group Using a Game Named SuperBetter for Improving Mental Health 02.06.2023