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Mikhail Fiadotau

Lecturer of Serious Games
School of Digital Technologies


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Planned courses Past courses Current supervision Supervised theses Responsibilities

Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
DTLGM/20.DT Designing and Developing a Digital Educational Escape Room from an Exploration Game Design Perspective  
DTLGM/21.DT Exploring Key Factors for the Heuristic Evaluation of Digital Educational Games  
DTLGM/22.DT Investigating How Humor Can Be Used as a Tool for Effective Message Broadcasting in a Serious Game  
DTLGM/22.DT Rhythm Games for Stress Management: Comparative Study  
IFIFB/20.DT Using Randomized Elements to Increase Replayablity in Digital Games  
IFIFB/20.DT Implementing Local Networking using Unity Netcode for Game objects in the example of Crossfire  
DTLGM/21.DT Exploring Player Experience in Traditional and Blockchain Mobile Casual Gaming Through the EGE Model (co-supervisor)
2 Bachelor's theses
5 Master's theses (1 as a co-supervisor)