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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFIMM/10.DT The Impact of Website Design on Users' Trust Perceptions: Building Customers' Trust in a Website and, Consequently, the Brand/Company Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa, Mati Mõttus 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Using Biofeedback to Avoid Concentration Distraction Vladimir Tomberg, Mati Mõttus 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Charting the Design Space for Physical Variables via an End User Perspective David Jose Ribeiro Lamas, Ilja Šmorgun 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Using Vibro-Tactile Feedback on an Example of Posture Correcting Wearable Device Vladimir Tomberg 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Trust and Usefulness Related to the Use of the Tool Google Assistant Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa, Mati Mõttus 30.05.2019  
IFIMM/17.DT Usability & Risk Perception Between Pin Based and Credential Based Two-Factor Login Systems David Jose Ribeiro Lamas, Siddharth Nakul Gulati 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT User Attitudes Towards Facebook: Perception and Reassurance of Trust Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT Emotion Detection When Using Digital Media: A Study of Usability Evaluation Supported by Measuring Facial Expressions Ilkka Johannes Kosunen 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT Usage of Animations in Web User Interfaces on Example of Sõnasõber Vladimir Tomberg 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT Difference of User's Experience with Popular Dating Apps in Southern and Northern European Countries Mati Mõttus, David Jose Ribeiro Lamas 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT A Value-Sensitive Toolkit: Bringing Values into the Design Process to Design for the Elderly David Jose Ribeiro Lamas, Hanna-Liisa Pender 30.05.2019  
IFIMM/17.DT Bridging the Communication Gap Through the Analysis of Interactions Between Digital Cultural Heritage Artefacts and Museum Stakeholders Ilja Šmorgun, Joanna Agata Rutkowska 30.05.2019 ETERA