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Mart Laanpere

Senior Research Fellow in Educational Technology
School of Digital Technologies


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Planned courses Past courses Current supervision Supervised theses Responsibilities

Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFHTM/15.DT Continuing Education Course for Math Teachers on Computational Thinking: Course Design and Development  
IFHTM/18.DT Developing a digtal maturity assessment tool for youth centres by adaping the exicting tool Digipeegel  
IFHTM/19.DT Computer-Based External Assessment of Foreign Language Speaking Skill in the Estonian Context – Opportunities and Challenges  
IFHTM/19.DT Designing a Test on Digital Competence for Students using ECD approach  
IFIFB/16.DT Developmental Research on Laboratory Equipment Reservation Service  
IFIOM/18.DT Elective Web-Design Course for Gymnasium Using of Computer in Research Work  
IFIOM/18.DT Effective Practices for the Changed Learning Concept in the Context of Informatics, Based on Experiences of EduInnoLab Schools in Tallinn  
IFIOM/18.DT Flipped Classroom in Teaching Informatics  
IFIOM/18.DT A Growth Mindset Supportive Training Kit in School Informatics  
IFIOM/19.DT Teaching Informatics in Narva Schools: Course Goals, Content and Learning Resources  
IFIOM/19.DT The Expectations of Estonian Upper Secondary Schools for the Digital Competence of Basic School Graduates  
IFITD/15.DT Learning Interactions: Towards a Unified Model for Offline and Online Analytics  
IFITD/16.DT Reference Architecture for Data Collection and Analytics in Smart Schoolhouse  
IFITD/16.DT Measurement and Feedback System to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Enhance Student Success  
IFITD/19.DT A Reference Framework for Smart Learning Infrastructure in Computer Science Education  
IFITM/18.DT Possibility of Public Sector IT Solutions in Hobby Education  
IFITM/18.DT IT Services Strategic Management and Maturity Assessment Model for Comprehensive Schools  
IFIOM/18.DT Options for Fundamental IT Learning in General Education School in Ida-Virumaa (co-supervisor)
IFITD/17.DT Framework for Evidence-Centered Assessment of Domain-Specific Digital Competencies (co-supervisor)
1 Bachelor's thesis
16 Master's theses (1 as a co-supervisor)
5 Doctoral theses (1 as a co-supervisor)