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Inga Petuhhov

Teacher of Software Engineering
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFIFB/15.DT Student's Calendar-Diary Development  
IFIFB/17.DT Using the React Native Framework to Develop a Disc Golf Application  
IFIFB/17.DT The Compilation of Educational Material About Python Module Turtle to Support the Course Educational Programming Languages  
IFIFB/17.DT Python's Web-Crawling Framework Scrapy. Learning Material  
IFIFB/17.DT Application for Checking Quality Assurance of a Data Warehouse  
IFIFB/17.DT Web Application Development for the NGO Seiklushunt  
IFIFB/17.DT Development of Software to Allow for Smartphones to Act as Input Devices  
IFIFB/17.DT Developing a Solution for Displaying X-tee Metrics  
IFIFB/17.DT Integration of Columnar Storage and Row Storage in One Database in the Example of SAP HANA  
IFIFB/17.DT Prototype Development for Doctor-Patient Medication Application  
IFIFB/17.DT Software Module Development in a Private Company Using Google Cloud Platform (co-supervisor)
13 Bachelor's theses (1 as a co-supervisor)