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DTLGM/22.DT Digital Learning Games — Spring 2023

Gaming Module  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 Martin Sillaots en
IFI7308.DT Research Methods 6 Nuno Correia en
IFI7331.DT Level Design 4 Mikhail Fiadotau en
IFI7348.DT Learning Game Design 4 Peadar Charles Callaghan en
IFI7349.DT Design and Integration of Game Assets 4 Mikhail Fiadotau en
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7325.DT 3D Graphics for Computer Games 4 Andrus Rinde en
IFI7354.DT Interactive Storytelling in Digital Media 4 Mikhail Fiadotau en
Educational Psychology  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7324.DT Self-Regulated Learning in Serious Digital Games 4 John Nietfeld en
IFI7332.DT Games as Learning Environments 4 Mikhail Fiadotau en
Interaction Design  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7313.DT Interaction Design Methods 4 Vladimir Tomberg en
IFI7317.DT Accessible Computing 4 Vladimir Tomberg en
IFI7341.DT User Experience Evaluation 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa en
Game Development  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7336.DT Artificial Intelligence for Games 4 Jaagup Kippar en
IFI7344.DT Advanced Game Development 4 Ahmed Mohamed Said Anwar Elshenawy en
IFI7357.DT Extended Reality Workshop 4 Pavel Smutný en
Compulsory courses: 21 ECTS
Electives: 8 ECTS
Educational Psychology: 8 ECTS
Interaction Design: 12 ECTS
Game Development: 12 ECTS