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IFIFB/23.DT Computer Science — Autumn 2024

Core Courses  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6018.DT Networks and Data Communications 4 Meelis Karp  
IFI6049.DT Intellectual Property and Data Protection 3 Tanel Õunapuu  
IFI6212.DT Theoretical Computer Science 4 Peeter Normak  
MLM6212.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 4 Tatjana Tamberg  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6203.DT Robotics 4 Tanel Toova  
Software engineering  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6106.DT Databases 4 Priidu Paomets  
IFI6229.DT Programming of Applications 6 Raimo Pregel  
Digital Media  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6022.DT Digital Media 4 Andrus Rinde  
IFI6023.DT Computer Graphics 4 Debora Conceição Firmino De Souza en
Information Technology  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6222.DT Qualitative Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI6057.DT Intelligent Systems 4 Jaagup Kippar  
IFI6101.DT Internet of Things 3 Jaagup Kippar  
IFI6209.DT Introduction to Operating Systems Management 6 Tanel Toova  
Compulsory courses: 15 ECTS
Electives: 17 ECTS
Software engineering: 10 ECTS
Digital Media: 8 ECTS
Information Technology: 19 ECTS