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INITM/21.DT Information Science — Spring 2022

Subject-specific Courses  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
DTI7002.DT Research Methods 6 Silvi Metsar  
INT7099.DT Information Management and Performance Assessment 4 Silvi Metsar  
INT7163.DT Digital Preservation and Information Governance 4 Kädi Riismaa  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
INT7018.DT Models and Development of Information Systems 4 Elviine Uverskaja  
INT7126.DT Electronic Publishing Processes 4 Aile Möldre  
INT7155.DT Searching for Information: Strategies and Methods 4 Elviine Uverskaja  
INT7169.DT Introduction to Data: Open, Big and Linked Data 4 Sirje Virkus  
INT7172.DT Data Analytics in Library and Information Work 4 Marianne Paimre  
Language Specialisation  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
LCE6523.HT English for Special Purposes I 6  
LCE6524.HT English for Special Purposes II 6  
LCE7302.HT Academic English 6  
Compulsory courses: 14 ECTS
Electives: 26 ECTS