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Mustafa Can Özdemir

Junior Research Fellow
School of Digital Technologies


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Supervised theses


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
DTIDM/20.DT Defining Design Recommendations for Nudging Sustainable Behaviour. A Mobility Case-study 01.06.2023 ETERA (co-supervisor)
DTIDM/20.DT Design for Sustainable Decision Making: Design Recommendations for Maritime Transportation. A Case Study for Vessel Routing Softwares 01.06.2023 ETERA
IFIMM/20.DT Improving Web Accessibility Through Continuous Evaluation of Component Libraries 01.06.2023 ETERA
IFIMM/20.DT Visual Attention in Distance Learning 01.06.2023 ETERA (co-supervisor)
DTIDM/20.DT Dark Patterns or Bad Design? A Study on the Consequences of Deceptive Design 24.01.2023 ETERA (co-supervisor)