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Mustafa Can Özdemir

Junior Research Fellow
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
DTIDM/21.DT Designing for Promoting Prosocial Interactions in Multiplayer Online Gaming Teams  
DTIDM/21.DT Evaluating the User Experience of AI LLM Text-Based Prompts for Low-Literacy Users  
IFIMM/21.DT How to Reduce Notification Induced Disruptions and Negative Emotions: Scoping Review  
IFIMM/22.DT Improving Onboarding in XR Products for Novice Users: Design Guidelines and User Experience Analysis  
IFIMM/22.DT Grassroots Web Accessibility. Awareness, Motivation and Barriers of Estonian and Ukrainian IT Specialists  
DTLGM/21.DT Exploring Key Factors for the Heuristic Evaluation of Digital Educational Games (co-supervisor)
6 Master's theses (1 as a co-supervisor)