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Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa

Associate Professor of Interaction Design
School of Digital Technologies


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Supervised theses


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/18.DT Building Trust Towards Contact Tracing Apps: The Case Study of the HOIA app 02.06.2021 ETERA
IFIMM/19.DT Cross-Cultural Factors Influencing Trust in Technology: Trust in WhatsApp 02.06.2021 ETERA
IFIMM/19.DT The Impacts of Perceived Trust in the Adoption of Internet Banking in Nigeria: Case Study of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) Lagos 02.06.2021 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT Perceived Trust of Developer Documentation Sites 19.01.2021  
IFIMM/18.DT Understanding How Risk Influences Trust Perception in the Use of Autonomous Vehicle 19.01.2021 ETERA
IFIMM/18.DT A Cross-Cultural Comparison of User's Trust Predisposition to Interact with Complex Systems 19.01.2021 ETERA


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFITD/15.DT Developing a Scale to Measure Human Computer Trust 14.12.2020 ETERA (co-supervisor)
IFIMM/18.DT Trust in Computing in Intercultural Contexts 18.06.2020 ETERA
IFIMM/18.DT The Impact of Personalization on the SaaS User Adoption Rate - A Case Study on Scoro Software Product Experience 18.06.2020  


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/10.DT The Impact of Website Design on Users' Trust Perceptions: Building Customers' Trust in a Website and, Consequently, the Brand/Company 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Trust and Usefulness Related to the Use of the Tool Google Assistant 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT User Attitudes Towards Facebook: Perception and Reassurance of Trust 30.05.2019 ETERA


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/15.DT User Acceptance of Information System in Work Environment. A Case Study in Telia Eesti AS 06.06.2018 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Designing a Research Experiment to Efficiently Study the Relationship Between Trust and Emotions 06.06.2018 ETERA


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/13.DT Crowdsourcing Risk or Threat Assessment for Tourism 08.06.2017 ETERA
IFIMM/15.DT The Influence of Trust on User Interactions in e-Transaction Platforms: The Context of a Developing Country 08.06.2017 ETERA
IFIMM/15.DT The Impact of Interface Animations on the User Experience: Directing Customer's Attention in Online Shopping Sites 08.06.2017 ETERA
IFIMM/14.DT Persuasive Power on Motivating Computer User to Change Behavior 24.01.2017  


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/13.DT The Role of Trust in Long Distance Computer-Mediated Communication: A Study on Skype 07.06.2016 ETERA
IFIMM/14.DT Users' Intention to Continue Using Redesigned Information System. Redesign Exploration and Case Study of a Web-Based Platform 07.06.2016 ETERA


Study programme version Title Defended Thesis  
IFIMM/13.DT Enabling Free Internet Access in Developing Countries Using a Participatory Design Approach 03.06.2015 ETERA