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Andrus Rinde

Lecturer of Multimedia
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFIFB/16.DT Security Operations Center Implementation  
IFIFB/18.DT Music Programming Language Chuck. Learning Material  
IFIFB/19.DT People’s IT Competencies in Marketing  
IFIFB/20.DT Analysis of a Selected Web Page Code and Comparison With WCAG Standards  
IFIFB/21.DT Camera Movement Tracking for 3D Object Addition into Video Using Blender as Example  
IFIFB/21.DT Geometry Nodes Practices in Blender  
IFIFB/21.DT Evaluating and Improving the User Interface and User Experience of the Retail Company RRlektus' Website  
IFIFB/21.DT Tailwind CSS Framework  
IFIFB/20.DT Using Randomized Elements to Increase Replayablity in Digital Games (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/20.DT Enhancing Realism in Digital Wargaming: Developing a World War II-inspired Board Game with Realistic Mechanics (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/21.DT User's Understanding of the Nature of the Cookie Policy (co-supervisor)
11 Bachelor's theses (3 as a co-supervisor)
1 Master's thesis