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Peeter Normak

School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFITD/16.DT Industry 4.0 Worker Learning Process Model in the Example of the Estonian Electronics Industry  
IFITM/17.DT The ability of local governments to use the Estonian national chatbot Bürokratt  
IFITM/20.DT Mapping and evaluating client satisfaction factors in company Mooncascade OÜ  
IFITM/20.DT Creation of Automated Payment and Billing Application  
IFITM/21.DT Planning and Implementing Digital Transformation in an Organisation, on the Example of Estonian Clothing Retail Companies  
IFITM/22.DT The IT Strategy Development Framework for Local Governments  
IFITD/21.DT Achieving Corruption-Transparency in Service Governance Processes with Blockchain Technology-Based e-Participation (co-supervisor)
IFITD/21.DT Designing a self-aware agent-based smart contract language (co-supervisor)
IFITM/22.DT Prioritization Framework for IT Development Portfolios in the Public Sector (co-supervisor)
IFITM/22.DT Improving Product Management Processes on the Example of Spotify Work Model (co-supervisor)
IFITM/22.DT Developing Information Security Management System for Disaintekstiil OÜ Using Frameworks From Estonian Information Security Standard (co-supervisor)
IFITM/22.DT Implementation of DevSecOps Work Organization on the Example of the Governance Area of the Ministry of Finance (co-supervisor)
IFITM/22.DT Selecting a Development Methodology for the IT Group to Be Created, on the Example of the Police and Border Guard Board (co-supervisor)
11 Master's theses (5 as a co-supervisor)
3 Doctoral theses (2 as a co-supervisor)