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Inga Petuhhov

Teacher of Software Engineering
School of Digital Technologies


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Responsible lecturer

Course code Course title ECTS
IFI6001.DT Effective Computer Usage 5
IFI6009.DT Software Engineering 3
IFI6013.DT Design and Development of Databases 3
IFI6033.DT Current Problems in IT Development 3
IFI6058.DT Practical Work 5
IFI6059.DT Programming of Applications 4
IFI6074.DT Programming Fundamentals 4
IFI6083.DT Algorithms and Data Structures 4
IFI6084.DT Software Engineering Project I 3
IFI6088.DT Research Paper 3
IFI6089.DT Software Engineering Project II 3
IFI6210.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialisation 3
IFI6213.DT Software Development Practice 6
IFI6228.DT Algorithms and Data Structures 6
IFI6229.DT Programming of Applications 6
IFI6231.DT Software Development Project 4
IFI6233.DT Professional Placement 6
IFI7215.DT Educational Programming Languages 4