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Inga Petuhhov

Teacher of Software Engineering
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
IFIFB/17.DT Development of Booking and Marketing Web Page for a Starting Business  
IFIFB/18.DT Human Drawn Doodle Detection Application with Neural Network  
IFIFB/19.DT Creating a school website on the Drupal platform  
IFIFB/19.DT Creating Interactive Simulations to Support the Algorithms and Data Structures Course  
IFIFB/20.DT Comparative Analysis of Popular Front-End Frameworks Regarding Speed and Resource Demand  
IFIFB/20.DT Development and Harmonization of the Software Testing Process on the Example of Coop Pank  
IFIFB/20.DT Refactoring an Application Written in PHP with JavaScript Libraries  
IFIFB/20.DT Low-code Development of Website - Comparison with Traditional Development  
IFIFB/18.DT Creating an Interactive Website to Help Identify Common Cyber Scams (co-supervisor)
9 Bachelor's theses (1 as a co-supervisor)