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Maria Zeltser

Associate Professor of Mathematics
School of Digital Technologies


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Responsible lecturer

Course code Course title ECTS
MLM6004.DT Differential Equations 4
MLM6007.DT Differential Equations 5
MLM6305.DT Basics of Financial Arithmetic 4
MLM6306.DT Methods of Economic Statistics 4
MLM6307.DT Data processing and data mining 4
MLM6308.DT Spreadsheets and Programming 4
MLM6309.DT Spreadsheets and Programming 4
MLM6310.DT Data Analysis and Data Mining 6
MLM6318.DT Basics of Financial Arithmetic 6
MLM6319.DT Methods of Economic Statistics 6
MLM6503.DT Mathematical Analysis III 4
MLM6504.DT Mathematical Analysis IV 4