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Jaagup Kippar

Senior Lecturer of Software Engineering
School of Digital Technologies


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Responsible lecturer

Course code Course title ECTS
IFI6038.DT XML Applications 3
IFI6040.DT The Web Applications of Python and Zope 3
IFI6051.DT Web Frameworks 3
IFI6057.DT Intelligent Systems 4
IFI6060.DT The .NET Framework 4
IFI6069.DT Basic Course in Programming 4
IFI6071.DT Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3
IFI6090.DT Database Lab 3
IFI6091.DT Object-oriented Web Applications 3
IFI6093.DT User Interfaces of Web Applications 3
IFI6097.DT Robotics 3
IFI6098.DT Statistical Analysis Solutions in R 4
IFI6101.DT Internet of Things 3
IFI6208.DT General Purpose Development Platforms 4
IFI6218.DT Technologies of Digital Humanities 6
IFI6221.DT Quantitative Digital Humanities 6
IFI6222.DT Qualitative Digital Humanities 6
IFI6226.DT Object-Oriented Programming 6
IFI6242.DT Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 6
IFI6245.DT Statistical Analysis Solutions in R 6
IFI7039.DT Server Side Interactive Technologies 4
IFI7334.DT Math and Physics for Games 4
IFI7336.DT Artificial Intelligence for Games 4
IFI7369.DT Artificial Intelligence for Games 6