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Jaagup Kippar

Senior Lecturer of Software Engineering
School of Digital Technologies


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Current supervision

Study programme version Final thesis topic  
DTLGM/22.DT What Is the Impact of Using VR in Language Learning Games on Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes?  
IFIFB/18.DT DevOps Principles  
IFIFB/18.DT Unity Environment as a Learning Tool at Base Level Education  
IFIFB/18.DT Error Correction Using Estonian-Estonian Neural Machine Translation  
IFIFB/19.DT Further Development of Dog Agility Timing System  
IFIFB/19.DT Maintaining the Needed Environment for a Bearded Dragon in a Terrarium Using Microcontrollers  
IFIFB/20.DT Digital Workflow Automation in Microsoft Software Applications  
IFIFB/21.DT Further Development of a Previously Created Digital Industrial Control System in Atemix Tööstusautomaatika OÜ  
IFIFB/21.DT Development of Software for Improving Online Education  
IFIFB/21.DT Speller  
IFIFB/21.DT Language Learning Website Backend for Siimon OÜ  
IFIFB/21.DT Smart Home Applications for an Apartment  
IFIFB/21.DT Locally Storing Password Manager With Bluetooth Sharing  
IFIFB/18.DT Creation of a Web App With Estonian Speech Recognition for Remote Control of Devices (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/20.DT Automatic Anonymization of Texts in the ELLE Language Learning Environment (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/21.DT Automatic Estonian Language Evaluation Tool's User Interface Development (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/21.DT Incorporating Proficiency-based Statistics in the ELLE Language Learning Environment (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/21.DT Synthesis of Punctuation Errors for Estonian Grammatical Error Correction (co-supervisor)
IFIFB/21.DT Design and Development of an Error Analysis Tool for the ELLE Language Technology Platform (co-supervisor)
19 Bachelor's theses (6 as a co-supervisor)
1 Master's thesis