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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
INDLM/15.DT The Use of LibGuides in United Arab Emirates Academic Libraries: a Case Study Anna Maria Tammaro 23.11.2018  
INDLM/15.DT Implementation of Digital Curation for Effective Administration in College of the North Atlantic - Qatar: An Exploratory Case Study Anna Maria Tammaro 14.08.2018  
INDLM/15.DT The Influence of Effective Leadership Behaviours on Information Culture at Departmental Level in Higher Education Sirje Virkus 11.07.2018 ETERA
INDLM/16.DT Implementing Integrated Library Management System KOHA in the College Libraries of Royal University of Bhutan Sirje Virkus 11.07.2018 ETERA
INDLM/16.DT Exploring Digital Libraries Education in Latin American Universities Sirje Virkus 11.07.2018 ETERA
INDLM/15.DT The Professional Competencies and Attitude of Library Personnel to Digital Library Services in Nigerian Academic Libraries Anna Maria Tammaro 24.01.2018  
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