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DTLGM.DT Digital Learning Games

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Final theses


Study programme version Title Supervisors Defended Thesis
DTLGM/17.DT Effective Learning Games for School Students Triinu Jesmin 31.01.2020  
1 defended final thesis


Study programme version Title Supervisors Defended Thesis
DTLGM/17.DT Designing a Game Tutorial Level on the Example of a Serious Game about Recycling Mikhail Fiadotau 04.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT Market Study of Digital Learning Games Master's Program Martin Sillaots 04.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT Neuruto: A Neuroadaptive Virtual Reality Serious Game for Health Ilkka Johannes Kosunen 04.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT Facilitating and Assessing Self-Regulated Learning Behaviors in Game-Based Learning Martin Sillaots 04.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/15.DT Exploring the Potential of Using Digital Games to Teach Topography: Estonian School Teachers’ Needs and Expectations Mikhail Fiadotau 03.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/16.DT Enhancing Collaboration Competencies in Digital Learning Games in Theatre Context Terje Väljataga 03.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT Measuring Immersion Factors for the First-Person Games Vladimir Tomberg 03.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT The Monetisation Strategies for Digital Learning Games Martin Sillaots 03.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT The Effect of Video Game Music on Reading Comprehension Mikhail Fiadotau 03.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT Moonbird - Travelers Pocket Guide for Culture, Customs, and Etiquette Martin Sillaots 03.06.2019 ETERA
10 defended final theses