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IFHTM/17.DT Educational Technology — Spring 2018

Language Specialisation  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
LCE6421.HT English for Special Purposes I 6  
LCE6422.HT English for Special Purposes II 6  
LCE6423.HT English for Special Purposes III 6  
LCE7302.HT Academic English 6  
Design of Innovative Learning Process  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7207.DT Digital Learning Resources 4 Mart Laanpere  
IFI7209.DT Educational Technology and Learning Sciences 4 Kai Pata  
Electives ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7215.DT Educational Programming Languages 4 Inga Petuhhov  
Research Competences Module  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7041.DT Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics 4 Jaanika Meigas  
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 Hans Põldoja  
Technologies of Learning Organisation  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7074.DT Technology-enhanced Learning in Organization 4 Kairit Tammets  
IFI7206.DT Installation and Maintenance of Operation Systems 4 Tanel Toova  
Design of Learning Games  
Compulsory courses ECTS Responsible lecturer  
IFI7177.DT Design of Game Assets 4 Mikhail Fiadotau en
IFI7306.DT Learning Game Design 4 Martin Sillaots en
Compulsory courses: 15 ECTS
Electives: 10 ECTS
Technologies of Learning Organisation: 8 ECTS
Design of Learning Games: 8 ECTS