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IFHTM.DT Educational Technology

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Study programme version Final thesis topic Supervisors
IFHTM/19.DT Computer-Based External Assessment of Foreign Language Speaking Skill in the Estonian Context – Opportunities and Challenges Mart Laanpere
IFHTM/19.DT Designing a Test on Digital Competence for Students using ECD approach Mart Laanpere
IFHTM/19.DT General Data Protection Policy Implementation of X School Example Kai Pata
IFHTM/19.DT Case Study: The Role of School Vision on Digital Maturity Development Planning and Implementing Kai Pata
IFHTM/19.DT Design of a Virtual Learning Environment Prototype for Estonian Learner Language Corpus Hans Põldoja, Kais Allkivi-Metsoja
IFHTM/19.DT Design of a Self-Directed Learning Environment Prototype for the 2nd and 3rd School Level Hans Põldoja
IFHTM/19.DT Enriching the Adjective Vocabulary of Preschool Children through a Digital Learning Game Hans Põldoja, Reili Argus
IFHTM/19.DT Creation and Evaluation of the Education Technology Partnership Model for Supporting Co-Creation Kairit Tammets
IFHTM/19.DT Practices Supporting Personalised Learning in the I and II Level of Primary School Kairit Tammets
IFHTM/19.DT Development and Evaluation of a Digital Development Portfolio Prototype in Early Childhood Education Linda Helene Sillat, Kaire Kollom
IFHTM/19.DT Supporting Shared Leadership Through Educational Technology Learning Networks on the Example of Early Childhood Education Linda Helene Sillat, Kairit Tammets
IFHTM/19.DT Evaluating the Quality of Primary School Programming Learning Materials by Applying Different Teaching Methods Linda Helene Sillat
IFHTM/19.DT Strategies in Finding and Applying Digital Study Materials by Kindergarten and Primary Class Teachers Kaire Kollom
IFHTM/19.DT The Principles of Creating a Dynamically Changing Competence Matrix in a Organization Kadri-Liis Kusmin
IFHTM/19.DT Using Digital Learning Games to Generate Interest in the Subject of Electricity in an Elementary School Physics Class Külli Kori, Erkki Soika
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Study programme version Final thesis topic Supervisors
IFHTM/18.DT Developing a digtal maturity assessment tool for youth centres by adaping the exicting tool Digipeegel Mart Laanpere
IFHTM/18.DT Implementation of sensor-based science laboratories at the inter-school competence centre for citizen science in the II-III stage of study Kai Pata, Külli Kori
IFHTM/18.DT Problem-based course design for adults with optional digital skills initial training modules Kai Pata
IFHTM/18.DT Technological Opportunities of Plagiarism Prevention Hans Põldoja
IFHTM/18.DT Case-study of participatory design in a Tallinn high school to propose a new digital strategy Kairit Tammets
IFHTM/18.DT Developing and implementing a model e-textbook for food education according to new approaches in learning Kairit Tammets, Hans Põldoja
IFHTM/18.DT A digital game to teach computing health, hygiene, and ergonomics Mikhail Fiadotau
IFHTM/18.DT Changes in teachers' everyday work as a result of digital transformation in second and third level Tallinn schools Linda Helene Sillat
IFHTM/18.DT Supporting the digital competence of pre-school children on the example of Lääne County Linda Helene Sillat
IFHTM/18.DT Development program for digital competences for applied higher education teachers on the example of Tallinn University Haapsalu College Linda Helene Sillat
IFHTM/18.DT The Role of the Leadership of the Prechool Child Care Institution as a Support of the Digital Competences of Teachers Linda Helene Sillat
IFHTM/18.DT Improvement capabilities of self regulation by the digital based learning games for the preschool children Terje Väljataga
IFHTM/18.DT Supporting Preschool Teacher in the Process of Adapting Learning Robotics by Using Knowledge Appropriation Model Janika Leoste, Timo Tobias Ley
IFHTM/18.DT Teachers interactive guide on the bases of the Padadogy Wheel Maia Lust
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Study programme version Final thesis topic Supervisors
IFHTM/17.DT Mart Laanpere
IFHTM/17.DT Mart Laanpere, Kairit Tammets
IFHTM/17.DT Kai Pata
IFHTM/17.DT Martin Sillaots
IFHTM/17.DT Ilkka Johannes Kosunen, Ene Varik-Maasik
IFHTM/17.DT CyberSecurity Talent Hunt involving ages 7-10 using CyberPin competition umbrella Birgy Lorenz
IFHTM/17.DT Terje Väljataga
IFHTM/17.DT Terje Väljataga
8 registered final thesis topics


Study programme version Final thesis topic Supervisors
IFHTM/16.DT Hans Põldoja
IFHTM/16.DT Gamified Self-Evaluation Tool in Career Education Context Martin Sillaots
2 registered final thesis topics


Study programme version Final thesis topic Supervisors
IFHTM/15.DT Continuing Education Course for Math Teachers on Computational Thinking: Course Design and Development Mart Laanpere
1 registered final thesis topic