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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
DTIDM/21.DT Hidden Poverty and Homelessness in Tokyo. Challenging the Narrow Perception of Homelessness in Japan and the Design Process to Inform More Equitable Services Daniel Irabien Peniche 19.01.2024 ETERA
DTIDM/21.DT Exploring the Relationship Between Aesthetics, Trust, and M-Banking Applications: Designing a Model App of Leading American Financial Institutions Maria Solomou 19.01.2024 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
DTIDM/20.DT An Ethnographic Study of Digital Sex Workers: Protection of Sexual Rights Within the Digital Ecosystem of Exchange Katrin Tiidenberg 02.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/21.DT Communication Is Key: Considering Parents' Values in Technical Design Decisions Regarding Children's Smartphone Usage and Online Activities Eleni Pashia, Antigoni Parmaxi 02.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/21.DT Turning Digital Interactions Into Employment Access Points: Using Accessibility and Participatory Principles to Onboard Unemployed Youth Onto an Interactive Employment Platform Eleni Pashia, Antigoni Parmaxi 02.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Defining Design Recommendations for Nudging Sustainable Behaviour. A Mobility Case-study Vladimir Tomberg, Mustafa Can Özdemir 01.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Design for Sustainable Decision Making: Design Recommendations for Maritime Transportation. A Case Study for Vessel Routing Softwares Mustafa Can Özdemir, Daniel Irabien Peniche 01.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Fostering Trust in Creative Human-AI Collaboration Within Conceptual Phases of New Product Development Gabriela De Moraes Beltrão, Iuliia Paramonova 01.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/21.DT The Impact of Trust Design Patterns on User’s Trust Perception. The Case of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms Iuliia Paramonova, Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa 01.06.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Towards the Development of a Pedagogical Toolkit for Interaction Design Educators to Elicit an Ethical Mindset Within Future UX Practitioners Daniel Irabien Peniche 24.01.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Dark Patterns or Bad Design? A Study on the Consequences of Deceptive Design Mati Mõttus, Mustafa Can Özdemir 24.01.2023 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Design Team Collaboration Around Design Systems in IT Start-Ups Dora Konstantinou, Panagiotis Kosmas 24.01.2023 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
DTIDM/20.DT Evaluating the Effects of Audio Instructions Through a Virtual Assistant During Menu Navigation and Complex Cognitive Tasks in a Virtual Reality Application for Athletes Vladimir Tomberg, Daniel Irabien Peniche 02.06.2022 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT Trust in Text-Based Chatbots for Customer Support. Investigating How the System’s Expertise Impacts the Users’ Perception of Trust Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa, Gabriela De Moraes Beltrão 02.06.2022 ETERA
DTIDM/20.DT What Effect Does an Interactive Learning Environment Have on Engagement and Retention of Students of Primary Education Who Are First Generation Learners and Were Out of School Due to COVID-19 Pandemic In West Bengal, India? Maria Victoria Soule 02.06.2022 ETERA
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