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David Jose Ribeiro Lamas

inimese ja arvuti interaktsiooni professor
Digitehnoloogiate instituut


Profiilid: TLU | ETIS

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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFITD/17.DT Towards Enabling Human-Computer Symbiosis Through Trust: Empirical Guidelines for Developing Psychophysiological Models to Assess Users' Trust in Real Time 20.01.2023 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFITD/13.DT Actionable Service Design Deliverables. Supporting Service Designers in Empowering Their Business Clients 28.10.2021 ETERA
IFIMM/19.DT Towards a Toolkit to Support Online Generative Design Research 03.06.2021 ETERA
IFIMM/19.DT Designing in Troubled Waters: Bringing Design Thinking to a Project Based Learning Program 03.06.2021 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFITD/15.DT Developing a Scale to Measure Human Computer Trust 14.12.2020 ETERA
IFIMM/18.DT Designing for Values: Value Elicitation Toolkit 18.06.2020 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/18.DT Designing for Wearable Instrumentality Using Generative Design Methods 18.06.2020 ETERA
IFIMM/18.DT Voice Matters: The Potential of Paralinguistic Traits as a Design Material for Sonic Interactions 18.06.2020 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Heart Rate Variability Assessment From iPhone Using Photoplethysmography (PPG): Boredom Experience Sampling Study 31.01.2020 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/17.DT Public Sector Innovation Through Design Thinking: Public Services Design Guideline Created in Context of Afghanistan 31.01.2020 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/16.DT Charting the Design Space for Physical Variables via an End User Perspective 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT Usability & Risk Perception Between Pin Based and Credential Based Two-Factor Login Systems 30.05.2019 ETERA
IFIMM/17.DT Difference of User's Experience with Popular Dating Apps in Southern and Northern European Countries 30.05.2019 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/17.DT A Value-Sensitive Toolkit: Bringing Values into the Design Process to Design for the Elderly 30.05.2019 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/16.DT Dark Patterns of Web Design 06.06.2018 ETERA
IFIMM/16.DT Control of Balance in Virtual Reality Interactions with a Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation 06.06.2018 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/16.DT The Interactive Carpet - E-Textile Based Interface for Children on Autism Spectrum Disorder for Social Interactions. 06.06.2018 ETERA
IFITD/12.DT Aesthetics in Interaction Design 01.06.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT HCI Practice Uptake in Software Development Companies: Improving Through Process Self-assessment 28.03.2018 ETERA
IFITD/11.DT Pattern Library for Supporting the Design of Distributed User Interfaces 14.03.2018 ETERA
IFIMM/15.DT Taxonomies in DUI Design Patterns: A Systematic Approach for Removing Overlaps Among Design Patterns and Creating a Clear Hierarchy 19.01.2018 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/13.DT Crowdsourcing Risk or Threat Assessment for Tourism 08.06.2017 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/15.DT Evaluating User's Aesthetic Experience During Interaction 08.06.2017 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/15.DT Supporting Seamless Visual Attention Distribution in Second Screen Games 08.06.2017 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/15.DT Assessing the Expressiveness of the Distributed User Interface Pattern Language 24.01.2017 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/13.DT A Step Toward Humanizing Online Art-Viewing Experience 07.06.2016 ETERA
IFIMM/13.DT Augmented Reality Games for Increasing Physical Activity 07.06.2016 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/14.DT Analysing User Engagement Methods in Microblogging Platforms 07.06.2016 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/14.DT Exploring Motivation and Engagement in Digital Artefacts: a Self-Determination Theory Perspective 07.06.2016 ETERA
IFIMM/14.DT Software Tools for Supporting Literature Reviews: An Overview and a Case Study 07.06.2016 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/14.DT Assessing the Influence on User Experience of Web Interface Interactions Across Different Devices 07.06.2016 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/14.DT Including Schoolchildren and Educators in the Participatory Design. The Case of Museum Kadriorg Group Visits 07.06.2016 ETERA
IFIMM/14.DT Designing Interactions for Experiencing Mindfulness 07.06.2016 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/13.DT Towards a Pattern Language for Describing Distributed Interactions 03.06.2015 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/13.DT Enabling Free Internet Access in Developing Countries Using a Participatory Design Approach 03.06.2015 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/12.DT Social Media as an Information Operations Platform for the Estonian Defence Forces During a Conflict Scenario in Estonia 20.01.2015   (kaasjuhendaja)


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/11.DT State Portal as the Interface of Public e-Services for European Citizens. A Case Study. 05.06.2014 ETERA
IFIMM/12.DT The Effects of User Interface Aesthetics in the User's Experience 05.06.2014 ETERA (kaasjuhendaja)


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/09.DT Designing a User Interface for a Public Transportation On-Board Self-Service Ticketing System 06.06.2013  
IFIMM/09.DT Assessing the Role of User Experience in Estonian ICT Industry 06.06.2013  
IFIMM/10.DT Evaluation of Software Applications for Improving Speech and Language Development 06.06.2013  
IFIMM/10.DT Designing for Good User Experience with Lean Principles. The Case of 24.01.2013  
IFIMM/10.DT Designing a Collaborative Serious Game on Tabletops for Learning Traffic Rules 24.01.2013  
IFIMM/11.DT Cross-Platform Interaction Design 24.01.2013  


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/09.DT The Evaluation of User Interface Aesthetics 30.05.2012   (kaasjuhendaja)
IFIMM/10.DT Online learning in higher education. The case study of the Designing Technology Enhanced learning course 30.05.2012  
IFIMM/10.DT Applying Agile Methodologies to Design and Programming 30.05.2012  


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
IFIMM/09.DT Enhancing Public Service User Experience in Information Society 02.06.2011  
IFIMM/09.DT Supporting Interaction Design Processes with Concept Mapping 02.06.2011