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Mikhail Fiadotau

tõsimängude lektor
Digitehnoloogiate instituut


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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
DTLGM/19.DT Using Game Design Principles to Enhance Classroom Instructional Design 25.01.2022 ETERA
DTLGM/19.DT The Effects of Audio on Immersion in Serious Games: The Case of Methodyca 25.01.2022 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
DTLGM/19.DT Designing an Existential Video Game to Facilitate Death Acceptance 02.06.2021 ETERA
DTLGM/19.DT Digital Games as a Gateway to Incidental Learning: Case Study of Final Fantasy Wiki and Religious References 02.06.2021 ETERA
DTLGM/18.DT Exploring User Perspectives on Educational Immersive Virtual Reality Systems to Understand Engagement Factors 01.06.2021 ETERA
DTLGM/18.DT Designing an Educational Game to Teach Basic Turkish Literacy to Children with Dyslexia 01.06.2021 ETERA
IFHTM/18.DT A Digital Game to Teach Computing Health, Hygiene, and Ergonomics 27.01.2021 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
DTLGM/18.DT Effects of Negative Feedback on Gameplay Behavior in Video Games 16.06.2020 ETERA
DTLGM/18.DT Mapping Out the Principles of Narrative Design in Learning Games 16.06.2020 ETERA
DTLGM/18.DT Developing a Taxonomy of Gamification Elements That Facilitate User Motivation 16.06.2020 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
DTLGM/17.DT Designing a Game Tutorial Level on the Example of a Serious Game about Recycling 04.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/15.DT Exploring the Potential of Using Digital Games to Teach Topography: Estonian School Teachers’ Needs and Expectations 03.06.2019 ETERA
DTLGM/17.DT The Effect of Video Game Music on Reading Comprehension 03.06.2019 ETERA


Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Kaitstud Lõputöö  
DTLGM/16.DT The Effects of Music on Gameplay in Video Games 08.06.2018 ETERA
DTLGM/16.DT Embedded Assessment in Learning Games: Addressing the Gap Between Theory and Practice 08.06.2018 ETERA
DTLGM/16.DT Designing a Propaedeutic Game for Children with Speech and Communication Impairments 08.06.2018 ETERA
DTLGM/16.DT The Impact of Engaging Game Mechanics on Learning Experience: A Study of Educational Game about XX Century Art 08.06.2018 ETERA
DTLGM/16.DT Process of Participatory Game Design as a Catalyst for Reflection on Experience of Immigration 08.06.2018 ETERA