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Planned courses — Spring 2023

Course code Course title ECTS Responsible lecturer Study programme versions
DTI7002.DT Research Methods 6 Kairit Tammets IFHTM/22.DT, IFITM/22.DT
DTI7005.DT Critical Thinking and Ethics 4 Juri Mets DTOSM/22.DT
DTI8006.DT Research Trends in Technology-Enhanced Learning and Knowledge Management 4 Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana IFITD/22.DT
DTI8007.DT Research Colloquium 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas IFITD/21.DT
DTI8008.DT Systematic Approaches to Reviewing Literature 6 Danial Hooshyar IFITD/22.DT
IFI6028.DT Programming of Graphics and Music 3 Andrus Rinde IFIFB/20.DT
IFI6054.DT Agile Software Development 3 Liis Hundt IFIFB/21.DT
IFI6068.DT Introduction to Information Systems 4 IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6077.DT 3D Modelling I 4 Kalle Kivi IFIFB/21.DT, MLBB/21.LT
IFI6081.DT Data Analysis I 3 Kairi Osula PSPSB/21.LT
IFI6081.DT Data Analysis I 3 Kaja Mädamürk PSPSB/21.LT
IFI6095.DT Web Frameworks 3 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/20.DT
IFI6104.DT Website Development and Management 3 Yulia Sion IFIFB/22.DT, INITB/21.DT, MLBB/21.LT
IFI6105.DT 3D Modelling II 4 Kalle Kivi IFIFB/20.DT
IFI6201.DT Scientific Thinking 6 Paula Joanna Sillat IFIFB/21.DT, MLMB/22.DT
IFI6203.DT Robotics 4 Tanel Toova IFIFB/22.DT, MLBB/21.LT
IFI6206.DT Basics of the Digital Competencies 3 Andrus Rinde KKLSB/22.YK
IFI6206.DT Basics of the Digital Competencies 3 Marge Kusmin RASLB/22.YK, RIHKB/22.YK
IFI6207.DT Interaction Design 4 Mati Mõttus IFIFB/22.DT, MLBB/21.LT
IFI6208.DT General Purpose Development Platforms 4 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6211.DT Front End Development 4 Tauri Kirsipuu IFIFB/22.DT, MLBB/21.LT
IFI6214.DT Web and Media Elements 6 Andrus Rinde IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6215.DT Maintenance of Computers and Networks 3 Meelis Karp IFIFB/21.DT
IFI6219.DT Technology and Society 6 Marianne Paimre AIAJB/21.HT
IFI6221.DT Quantitative Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar AIAJB/22.HT
IFI6224.DT Mobile Application Development 4 Roman Gorislavski IFIFB/21.DT
IFI6225.DT User Interface Design and Development 4 Brigitta Laura Kannel IFIFB/21.DT
IFI6226.DT Object-Oriented Programming 6 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6228.DT Algorithms and Data Structures 6 Inga Petuhhov IFIFB/21.DT
IFI6230.DT Foundations of Software Testing 4 Sille Kaupmees IFIFB/21.DT, IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6231.DT Software Development Project 4 Inga Petuhhov IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6232.DT Research Seminar 2 Andrus Rinde IFIFB/20.DT
IFI6233.DT Professional Placement 6 Inga Petuhhov IFIFB/20.DT
IFI6234.DT Participatory Design of Software Systems 4 Debora Conceição Firmino De Souza RIPGB/21.YK, RIPGB/22.YK
IFI6235.DT Multimedia Technologies 6 Andrus Rinde AIAJB/21.HT
IFI7012.DT Basic Teaching Practice II 6 Mart Laanpere IFIOM/21.DT
IFI7017.DT Pedagogical Professional Placement: Informatics 3 Mart Laanpere KAKLI/18.HR, KAMOM/22.HR
IFI7044.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 4 Kairi Osula KUKTM/21.LT
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 Mart Laanpere IFIOM/22.DT
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 Martin Sillaots DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 Peeter Normak IFITM/22.DT
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 Linda Helene Sillat IFHTM/22.DT
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3 James Sunney Quaicoe DTOSM/22.DT
IFI7066.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar II 3 Mart Laanpere IFIOM/21.DT
IFI7066.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar II 3 Kairit Tammets IFHTM/21.DT
IFI7066.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar II 3 Peeter Normak IFITM/21.DT
IFI7070.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 3 Triinu Jesmin PSOKM/22.LT
IFI7070.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 3 Kairi Osula PSOKM/22.LT
IFI7071.DT Multivariate Statistics 6 Kairi Osula MLMB/20.DT, PSPSM/22.LT
IFI7071.DT Multivariate Statistics 6 Kaja Mädamürk TSTM/22.LT
IFI7073.DT ICT Procurements and Contracts 4 Marko Nemberg IFITM/22.DT
IFI7074.DT Technology-enhanced Learning in Organization 4 Kai Pata IFHTM/22.DT, IFITM/22.DT
IFI7160.DT Current Topics in Human-Computer Interaction 4 Vladimir Tomberg IFIMM/22.DT, STSEM/22.YK
IFI7202.DT Multimedia Development 4 Andrus Rinde IFHTM/22.DT
IFI7206.DT Installation and Maintenance of Operation Systems 4 Tanel Toova IFHTM/22.DT
IFI7207.DT Digital Learning Resources 4 Mart Laanpere IFHTM/22.DT, IFIOM/22.DT
IFI7209.DT Educational Technology and Learning Sciences 4 Kairit Tammets IFHTM/22.DT, IFIOM/22.DT
IFI7215.DT Educational Programming Languages 4 Inga Petuhhov IFHTM/22.DT, IFIOM/22.DT
IFI7223.DT IT Operations and Management 6 Guido Leibur IFITM/22.DT
IFI7304.DT Perception and Attention in Digital Media 4 Mati Mõttus IFIMM/21.DT, IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7308.DT Research Methods 6 Nuno Correia DTLGM/22.DT, DTOSM/22.DT, IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7313.DT Interaction Design Methods 4 Vladimir Tomberg DTLGM/22.DT, IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7317.DT Accessible Computing 4 Vladimir Tomberg DTLGM/22.DT, IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7318.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar 6 James Sunney Quaicoe DTLGM/21.DT
IFI7324.DT Self-Regulated Learning in Serious Digital Games 4 John Nietfeld DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7325.DT 3D Graphics for Computer Games 4 Andrus Rinde DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7331.DT Level Design 4 Mikhail Fiadotau DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7332.DT Games as Learning Environments 4 Mikhail Fiadotau DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7333.DT Psychological Aspects of Game Design 4 Triinu Jesmin DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7336.DT Artificial Intelligence for Games 4 Jaagup Kippar DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7340.DT Development of Interactive Systems 4 IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7341.DT User Experience Evaluation 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa DTLGM/22.DT, IFIMM/22.DT
IFI7344.DT Advanced Game Development 4 Ahmed Mohamed Said Anwar Elshenawy DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7348.DT Learning Game Design 4 Peadar Charles Callaghan DTLGM/22.DT, IFHTM/22.DT
IFI7349.DT Design and Integration of Game Assets 4 Mikhail Fiadotau DTLGM/22.DT, IFHTM/22.DT
IFI7354.DT Interactive Storytelling in Digital Media 4 Mikhail Fiadotau DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7357.DT Extended Reality Workshop 4 DTLGM/22.DT
IFI7359.DT Information Visualization and Representation 6 Nuno Correia DTOSM/22.DT
IFI7361.DT Design for Behaviour Change 4 Vladimir Tomberg IFIMM/22.DT, TSTM/21.LT
IFI7363.DT Product Management Foundations 4 Seda Sahradyan IFITM/22.DT
IFI7402.DT Big, Open and Linked Data 6 Sirje Virkus DTOSM/22.DT, IFITM/22.DT
IFI7409.DT Participatory Design of Software Systems 6 Debora Conceição Firmino De Souza DTOSM/22.DT
IFI7503.DT Development of Interactive Systems 4 DTIDM/22.DT
IFI7504.DT User Experience Evaluation 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa DTIDM/22.DT
IFI7505.DT Field Research Methods in HCI 4 Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi DTIDM/22.DT
IFI7506.DT Current Topics in Human-Computer Interaction 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa DTIDM/22.DT
IFI8003.DT Research Methodology 6 Katrin Niglas IFITD/22.DT
IFI8101.DT Information Society Approaches and ICT Processes 8 Peeter Normak IFITD/21.DT, IFITD/22.DT
INT6003.DT Research Methods in Information Studies 6 Aile Möldre INITB/21.DT
INT6006.DT Indexing and Abstracting 6 Marianne Paimre INITB/21.DT
INT6059.DT Intership in Library 6 Merle Laurits INITB/20.DT
INT6061.DT Web Content Analysis and Communication 4 Elviine Uverskaja INITB/21.DT
INT6077.DT Information Systems of Memory Institutions 4 Aira Lepik INITB/21.DT
INT6083.DT Preserving Digital Information and Data 4 Kädi Riismaa INITB/21.DT
INT6085.DT Digital Library Functions and Resources 4 Aira Lepik INITB/21.DT
INT6091.DT Online Health Information Behaviour 4 Marianne Paimre INITB/21.DT
INT7168.DT Master's Seminar 6 Aira Lepik INITM/21.DT
MLM6102.DT Elementary Mathematics II 3 Annika Volt MLMB/22.DT
MLM6103.DT Elementary Mathematics III 3 Jüri Kurvits MLMB/21.DT
MLM6111.DT Geometry in Basic School 3 Madis Lepik KAKLI/20.HR, KAKLI/21.HR
MLM6180.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 4 Tatjana Tamberg IFIOM/21.DT
MLM6192.DT Elementary Mathematics II 5 Annika Volt KAKLI/22.HR
MLM6194.DT Introduction to Linear Algebra 6 Tatjana Tamberg KAKLI/22.HR
MLM6196.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 6 Tatjana Tamberg KAKLI/21.HR
MLM6206.DT Elementary Number Theory 4 Tatjana Tamberg MLMB/21.DT
MLM6211.DT Software for Mathematics 4 Tõnu Tõnso MLMB/22.DT
MLM6214.DT Foundations of Set Theory and Logic 4 Anna Šeletski IFIFB/22.DT
MLM6216.DT Elements of ProbabilityTheory 4 Alar Leibak IFIFB/21.DT
MLM6225.DT General Topology 3 Mart Abel MLMB/20.DT
MLM6229.DT Discrete Mathematics II 3 Tatjana Tamberg MLMB/22.DT
MLM6246.DT Numerical Methods 4 Tõnu Tõnso MLMB/20.DT
MLM6300.DT Mathematical Programming 6 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz MLMB/21.DT
MLM6306.DT Methods of Economic Statistics 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/20.DT
MLM6308.DT Spreadsheets and Programming 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/21.DT
MLM6309.DT Spreadsheets and Programming 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/21.DT
MLM6411.DT Work Placement II 3 Anna Šeletski MLMB/20.DT
MLM6502.DT Mathematical Analysis II 4 Anna Šeletski MLMB/22.DT
MLM6504.DT Mathematical Analysis IV 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/21.DT
MLM6507.DT Mathematical Statistics 3 Tõnu Tõnso MLMB/21.DT
MLM6522.DT Algebra I 4 Alar Leibak MLMB/22.DT
MLM6525.DT Analytic Geometry II 3 Mart Abel MLMB/22.DT
MLM7105.DT Didactics of Mathematics in Secondary School 3 Madis Lepik MLMOM/21.DT
MLM7112.DT Practicum in Subject Didactics II 3 Madis Lepik MLMOM/21.DT
MLM7196.DT Professional Placement 3 Annika Volt KAKLI/19.HR, KAKLI/20.HR
MLM7199.DT Basic Teaching Practice II 6 Annika Volt KAMOM/20.HR, MLMOM/20.DT
MLM7206.DT Digital Tools in Teaching Mathematics 3 Jüri Kurvits IFIOM/22.DT, KAKLI/21.HR, MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7402.DT Elementary Mathematics P2 3 Annika Volt IFIOM/22.DT, MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7403.DT Selected Topics from Elementary Mathematics I 4 Jüri Kurvits IFIOM/21.DT, MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7405.DT Heuristics in School Mathematics 3 Madis Lepik MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7407.DT Master´s Seminar II 3 Madis Lepik MLMOM/20.DT
MLM7409.DT Selected Topics in Mathematical Analysis 5 Anna Šeletski MLMOM/22.DT

132 planned courses in total.