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Planned courses — Autumn 2026

Course code Course title ECTS Responsible lecturer Study programme versions
IFI6101.DT Internet of Things 3 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6222.DT Qualitative Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6224.DT Mobile Application Development 4 Roman Gorislavski IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6242.DT Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 6 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6243.DT Introduction to Information Security 6 Hillar Põldmaa IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6245.DT Statistical Analysis Solutions in R 6 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/24.DT
IFI7234.DT Learning Analytics: Data to Support Learning and Teaching 6 Kaire Kollom MLMOM/24.DT
MLM6004.DT Differential Equations 4 MLMB/24.DT
MLM6197.DT Elements of Probability Theory 6 GRR3B/24
MLM6227.DT Mathematical Modelling 4 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz MLMB/24.DT
MLM6301.DT Optimization in Economics 6 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz MLMB/24.DT
MLM6310.DT Data Analysis and Data Mining 6 Maria Zeltser MLMB/24.DT
MLM7404.DT Selected Topics from Elementary Mathematics II 4 Madis Lepik MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7406.DT Master´s Seminar I 3 MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7410.DT Statistics and Data Analysis 4 Kairi Osula MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7411.DT Basic Teaching Practice I 6 Annika Volt MLMOM/24.DT

16 planned courses in total.