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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFITD/17.DT Designing and Implementing Meaningful Mobile Outdoor Learning in Science Education Terje Väljataga 15.08.2023 ETERA
IFITD/17.DT A Trade-off Model for Evidence-Informed Decision-Making to Support Educators' Digital Competence Assessment Kairit Tammets, Mart Laanpere 16.06.2023 ETERA
IFITD/16.DT Supporting Systematic Data use in Teacher Inquiry with Teaching and Learning Analytics Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana, Luis Pablo Prieto Santos, Luis Pablo Prieto Santos 16.05.2023 ETERA
IFITD/17.DT CIMLA: A Data Infrastructure to Support the Development of Context-Aware and Reusable Multimodal Learning Analytics Solutions Luis Pablo Prieto Santos, Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana, Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana 21.03.2023 ETERA
IFITD/17.DT Towards Enabling Human-Computer Symbiosis Through Trust: Empirical Guidelines for Developing Psychophysiological Models to Assess Users' Trust in Real Time Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa, David Jose Ribeiro Lamas 20.01.2023 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFITD/19.DT Possibilities to Implement Cost Accounting in the Evaluation of Library Work Processes Sirje Virkus 14.03.2022 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFITD/16.DT Aligning Learning Design and Analytics in Mobile Learning Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana, Terje Väljataga 09.12.2021 ETERA
IFITD/20.DT Information Culture and Coping With Information Overload: The Case of Estonian Higher Education Institutions Sirje Virkus, Mati Heidmets 10.11.2021 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT Actionable Service Design Deliverables. Supporting Service Designers in Empowering Their Business Clients David Jose Ribeiro Lamas, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser 28.10.2021 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFITD/15.DT Developing a Scale to Measure Human Computer Trust David Jose Ribeiro Lamas, Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa 14.12.2020 ETERA
IFITD/15.DT Learning Interactions Across Spaces: A Framework for Contextualised Multimodal Observations Mart Laanpere, Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana 22.05.2020 ETERA
IFITD/15.DT Schools’ Development into Smart, Digitally Enhanced Learning Ecosystems Kai Pata 16.03.2020 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFITD/13.DT Secure Agile Agent-oriented Software Development Alexander Horst Norta 06.07.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT A New Design Approach for Multi-Agent Based Business Intelligence Generation Alexander Horst Norta, Timo Tobias Ley 04.07.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT The Challenges of ICT Implementation into Teaching and Learning in Ghanaian Basic Schools Kai Pata 22.06.2018 ETERA
IFITD/12.DT Aesthetics in Interaction Design David Jose Ribeiro Lamas 01.06.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT Approaches for Improving Voice Over Internet Protocol Quality of Service in Wireless Mesh Networks Yannick Le Moullec, Paul Annus 15.05.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT A Reference Architecture for a National e-Learning Infrastructure Alexander Horst Norta, Mart Laanpere 24.04.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT Ontology-Driven Reference Model for the Vocational ICT Curriculum Development Mart Laanpere 23.04.2018 ETERA
IFITD/13.DT HCI Practice Uptake in Software Development Companies: Improving Through Process Self-assessment David Jose Ribeiro Lamas 28.03.2018 ETERA
IFITD/11.DT Pattern Library for Supporting the Design of Distributed User Interfaces David Jose Ribeiro Lamas 14.03.2018 ETERA
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Õppekavaversioon Lõputöö pealkiri Juhendajad Kaitstud Lõputöö
IFITD/10.DT A Digital Safety Model for Understanding Teenager Internet User's Concerns Kaido Kikkas 18.01.2017 ETERA
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