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Group sizes — 2022/2023

Bachelor's Studies

Group size Number of courses Course codes
...9 23 IFI6222.DT, IFI6223.DT, INT6079.DT, INT6089.DT, INT6090.DT, MLM6004.DT, MLM6061.DT, MLM6184.DT, MLM6193.DT, MLM6227.DT, MLM6301.DT, MLM6505.DT, IFI6028.DT, IFI6095.DT, IFI6206.DT, IFI6215.DT, IFI6221.DT, IFI6235.DT, MLM6196.DT, MLM6225.DT, MLM6306.DT, MLM6410.DT, MLM6411.DT
10–14 16 IFI6071.DT, IFI6082.DT, INT6015.DT, INT6075.DT, INT6078.DT, INT6084.DT, MLM6195.DT, IFI6206.DT, IFI6203.DT, INT6006.DT, INT6059.DT, INT6061.DT, INT6077.DT, INT6085.DT, MLM6246.DT, MLM6308.DT
15–30 63 IFI6022.DT, IFI6047.DT, IFI6098.DT, IFI6102.DT, IFI6104.DT, IFI6203.DT, IFI6218.DT, IFI6233.DT, INT6050.DT, INT6063.DT, INT6073.DT, INT6081.DT, MLM6061.DT, MLM6070.DT, MLM6190.DT, MLM6191.DT, MLM6228.DT, MLM6253.DT, MLM6305.DT, MLM6503.DT, MLM6506.DT, MLM6523.DT, MLM6524.DT, IFI6013.DT, IFI6023.DT, IFI6057.DT, IFI6074.DT, IFI6099.DT, IFI6206.DT, IFI6209.DT, IFI6227.DT, IFI6077.DT, IFI6206.DT, IFI6208.DT, IFI6211.DT, IFI6214.DT, IFI6219.DT, IFI6225.DT, IFI6233.DT, IFI6234.DT, IFI6236.DT, INT6003.DT, INT6083.DT, INT6091.DT, MLM6102.DT, MLM6103.DT, MLM6106.DT, MLM6192.DT, MLM6194.DT, MLM6206.DT, MLM6211.DT, MLM6229.DT, MLM6300.DT, MLM6502.DT, MLM6504.DT, MLM6507.DT, MLM6522.DT, MLM6525.DT, IFI6068.DT, IFI6081.DT, IFI6201.DT, IFI6207.DT, IFI6226.DT
31–50 16 IFI6082.DT, IFI6101.DT, IFI6106.DT, IFI6107.DT, IFI6229.DT, MLM6101.DT, MLM6110.DT, MLM6501.DT, MLM6521.DT, IFI6054.DT, IFI6104.DT, IFI6224.DT, IFI6231.DT, IFI6232.DT, MLM6214.DT, IFI6228.DT
51–70 6 IFI6018.DT, IFI6049.DT, MLM6106.DT, MLM6212.DT, IFI6230.DT, MLM6111.DT
71–90 3 DTI6001.DT, IFI6212.DT, MLM6216.DT
91... 0

Master's Studies

Group size Number of courses Course codes
...7 32 IFI7044.DT, IFI7212.DT, IFI7318.DT, IFI7326.DT, INT7008.DT, INT7097.DT, INT7117.DT, INT7165.DT, INT7170.DT, MLM7092.DT, MLM7093.DT, MLM7114.DT, MLM7404.DT, MLM7504.DT, IFI7065.DT, IFI7071.DT, IFI7206.DT, IFI7344.DT, IFI7502.DT, INT7099.DT, INT7163.DT, INT7169.DT, INT7172.DT, MLM7091.DT, MLM7094.DT, MLM7103.DT, MLM7103.DT, MLM7105.DT, MLM7112.DT, MLM7133.DT, MLM7199.DT, MLM7401.DT
8–9 15 IFI7161.DT, IFI7202.DT, IFI7312.DT, IFI7407.DT, IFI7412.DT, IFI7501.DT, INT7166.DT, IFI7160.DT, IFI7324.DT, IFI7325.DT, IFI7332.DT, IFI7354.DT, IFI7359.DT, IFI7407.DT, IFI7409.DT
10–30 99 IFI7028.DT, IFI7041.DT, IFI7041.DT, IFI7044.DT, IFI7051.DT, IFI7066.DT, IFI7172.DT, IFI7176.DT, IFI7180.DT, IFI7204.DT, IFI7205.DT, IFI7211.DT, IFI7217.DT, IFI7219.DT, IFI7221.DT, IFI7224.DT, IFI7226.DT, IFI7302.DT, IFI7314.DT, IFI7316.DT, IFI7319.DT, IFI7327.DT, IFI7334.DT, IFI7337.DT, IFI7338.DT, IFI7339.DT, IFI7343.DT, IFI7345.DT, IFI7346.DT, IFI7347.DT, IFI7350.DT, IFI7351.DT, IFI7352.DT, IFI7353.DT, IFI7355.DT, IFI7356.DT, IFI7360.DT, IFI7401.DT, IFI7403.DT, IFI7404.DT, IFI7411.DT, IFI7502.DT, IFI7507.DT, INT7156.DT, INT7161.DT, INT7167.DT, MLM7103.DT, MLM7104.DT, MLM7111.DT, MLM7117.DT, MLM7198.DT, MLM7204.DT, MLM7401.DT, MLM7406.DT, MLM7408.DT, MLM7410.DT, YDP7001.YM, IFI7214.DT, DTI7005.DT, IFI7012.DT, IFI7044.DT, IFI7065.DT, IFI7065.DT, IFI7065.DT, IFI7065.DT, IFI7065.DT, IFI7066.DT, IFI7066.DT, IFI7066.DT, IFI7070.DT, IFI7070.DT, IFI7071.DT, IFI7304.DT, IFI7313.DT, IFI7317.DT, IFI7318.DT, IFI7331.DT, IFI7336.DT, IFI7340.DT, IFI7341.DT, IFI7348.DT, IFI7349.DT, IFI7357.DT, IFI7361.DT, IFI7402.DT, IFI7503.DT, IFI7504.DT, IFI7505.DT, IFI7506.DT, INT7168.DT, MLM7199.DT, MLM7402.DT, MLM7403.DT, MLM7405.DT, MLM7407.DT, MLM7409.DT, YDP7002.YM, IFI7041.DT, IFI7215.DT
31–50 15 IFI7026.DT, IFI7034.DT, IFI7041.DT, IFI7222.DT, IFI7227.DT, IFI7230.DT, IFI7224.DT, DTI7002.DT, IFI7073.DT, IFI7074.DT, IFI7207.DT, IFI7209.DT, IFI7223.DT, IFI7308.DT, MLM7206.DT
51–70 1 IFI7408.DT
71–90 0
91... 0