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Lecturers by contract type — Autumn 2020

Non-academic employees of School of Digital Technologies

Lecturer Course code Course title  
Kaisa Norak DTI6001.DT Studying at the University (co-lecturer)
Peeter Normak IFI6212.DT Theoretical Computer Science  
Peeter Normak IFI7028.DT Practical Training  
Peeter Normak IFI7217.DT Foundations of Computer Science  
Peeter Normak IFI7221.DT Introduction to the Specialty  
Peeter Normak IFI7408.DT ICT Strategic Management  
Peeter Normak DTI6001.DT Studying at the University (co-lecturer)
Priit Tammets DTI6001.DT Studying at the University (co-lecturer)
Tanel Toova IFI6203.DT Robotics  
Tanel Toova IFI6209.DT Introduction to Operating Systems Management  
Tanel Toova IFI7214.DT Design and Development Lab (co-lecturer)

Other units of Tallinn University

Lecturer Course code Course title  
Meelis Karp IFI6018.DT Networks and Data Communications  
Kaire Kollom DTI6001.DT Studying at the University (co-lecturer)
Timo Tobias Ley IFI7167.DT Social Computing  
Timo Tobias Ley IFI7176.DT Field Research Methods in HCI  
Katrin Niglas IFI8004.DT Multivariate Statistics: Regression Models and Multivariate Analysis of Variance  
Kai Pata IFI7224.DT Educational Technology in School  
Kai Pata IFI7301.DT International Perspectives on Digital Innovations in Schools  
Kai Pata IFI7401.DT Collective Intelligence in Socio-Technical Systems  
Kai Pata IFI7407.DT Practice  
Kai Pata DTI6001.DT Studying at the University (co-lecturer)

Contract lecturers

Lecturer Course code Course title  
Ben Ighoyota Ajenaghughrure IFI7314.DT End-user Computing  
Ben Ighoyota Ajenaghughrure IFI7343.DT Ambient Computing (co-lecturer)
Roman Gorislavski IFI7302.DT Basics of Game Development  
Roman Gorislavski IFI7335.DT Game Development Patterns  
Roman Gorislavski IFI7344.DT Advanced Game Development  
Asian Hô IFI7319.DT 2D Graphics for Computer Games  
Eero Johannes IFI7026.DT Legal Issues Related to IT-Development  
Suhaib Rehman Khan IFI7338.DT Agile Project Management  
Külli Kori IFI7044.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics  
Külli Kori IFI7051.DT Principles of Learning Design (co-lecturer)
Panagiotis Kosmas MGA04 Interaction Design Methods  
Panagiotis Kosmas MGA06 Prototyping  
Marge Kusmin IFI6206.DT Basics of the Digital Competencies  
Marge Kusmin IFI7225.DT Basics of Digital Competencies  
Agu Leinfeld IFI7221.DT Introduction to the Specialty (co-lecturer)
Birgy Lorenz IFI7204.DT Basics of the Security and Privacy  
Merily Müürsepp DTI6001.DT Studying at the University (co-lecturer)
Margus Noormaa IFI7408.DT ICT Strategic Management (co-lecturer)
Priidu Paomets IFI6106.DT Databases  
Andreas Papallas MGA01 Design Theory and Methodology  
Hanna-Liisa Pender IFI7161.DT Design Theory and Methodology  
Gerti Pishtari IFI7167.DT Social Computing (co-lecturer)
Raimo Pregel IFI6059.DT Programming of Applications (co-lecturer)
Raimo Pregel IFI6229.DT Programming of Applications (co-lecturer)
Hillar Põldmaa IFI7222.DT Information Security and Risk Management  
Margus Püüa IFI7408.DT ICT Strategic Management (co-lecturer)
Joanna Agata Rutkowska IFI7404.DT Design Thinking and Generative Research  
Romil Rõbtšenkov IFI6229.DT Programming of Applications  
Ants Sild IFI7221.DT Introduction to the Specialty (co-lecturer)
Maris Tõnso MLM6004.DT Differential Equations  
Alexandros Yeratziotis MGA02 Research Methods  
Tanel Õunapuu IFI6049.DT Intellectual Property and Data Protection  
Ilja Šmorgun IFI7316.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction  
Ilja Šmorgun IFI7343.DT Ambient Computing  
Ilja Šmorgun IFI7501.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction