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Planned courses — Autumn 2024

Course code Course title ECTS Responsible lecturer Study programme versions
DTI6001.DT Studying at the University 6 Merike Saar IFIFB/24.DT, MLMB/24.DT
DTI7002.DT Research Methods 6 Pirgit Sillaots IFHTM/24.DT, IFITM/24.DT
DTI7004.DT Active Academic Reading and Writing 4 Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi DTSSM/24.DT
DTI7008.DT MOOCs 4 Merja Lina M. Bauters DTSSM/24.DT
DTI8013.DT Research Trends in Information Society Technologies 6 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas IFITD/24.DT
IFI6013.DT Design and Development of Databases 3 Inga Petuhhov MLMB/23.DT
IFI6018.DT Networks and Data Communications 4 Meelis Karp IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6022.DT Digital Media 4 Andrus Rinde IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6023.DT Computer Graphics 4 Debora Conceição Firmino De Souza IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6049.DT Intellectual Property and Data Protection 3 Tanel Õunapuu IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6057.DT Intelligent Systems 4 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/22.DT, IFIFB/23.DT, MLMB/22.DT
IFI6071.DT Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6074.DT Programming Fundamentals 4 Inga Petuhhov MLMB/24.DT
IFI6082.DT Data Analysis II 3 Kairi Osula MLMB/22.DT
IFI6098.DT Statistical Analysis Solutions in R 4 Jaagup Kippar MLMB/23.DT
IFI6101.DT Internet of Things 3 Jaagup Kippar IFIFB/22.DT, IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6102.DT 3D Animation 3 Andrus Rinde IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6106.DT Databases 4 Priidu Paomets IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6107.DT Introduction to Information Security 4 Hillar Põldmaa IFIFB/22.DT
IFI6203.DT Robotics 4 Tanel Toova IFIFB/22.DT, IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6206.DT Basics of the Digital Competencies 3 Kalle Kivi IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6209.DT Introduction to Operating Systems Management 6 Tanel Toova IFIFB/23.DT, IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6212.DT Theoretical Computer Science 4 Peeter Normak IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6218.DT Technologies of Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar AIAJB/24.HT, IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6222.DT Qualitative Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar AIAJB/23.HT, IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6223.DT Language and Technology 6 Kais Allkivi-Metsoja AIAJB/23.HT
IFI6227.DT Web Programming 6 Andrus Rinde IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6229.DT Programming of Applications 6 Raimo Pregel IFIFB/23.DT
IFI6238.DT Fundamentals of Programming 6 Inga Petuhhov IFIFB/24.DT
IFI6239.DT Design of Databases 4 Inga Petuhhov IFIFB/24.DT
IFI7026.DT Legal Issues Related to IT-Development 4 Eero Johannes IFITM/23.DT, IFITM/24.DT
IFI7028.DT Practical Training 6 Peeter Normak IFITM/23.DT
IFI7034.DT Didactic of Informatics 6 Mart Laanpere IFIOM/24.DT
IFI7041.DT Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics 4 - Farhat-Ul-Ain DTLGM/23.DT, IFIMM/23.DT
IFI7044.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 4 Kairi Osula IFITM/23.DT
IFI7051.DT Principles of Learning Design 4 Mart Laanpere IFIOM/23.DT
IFI7066.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar II 3 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas IFIMM/23.DT
IFI7161.DT Design Theory and Methodology 4 Merja Lina M. Bauters IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7172.DT Human-Centered Computing 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa IFIMM/23.DT, IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7176.DT Field Research Methods in HCI 4 Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7202.DT Multimedia Development 4 Andrus Rinde IFHTM/24.DT
IFI7204.DT Basics of the Security and Privacy 4 Birgy Lorenz IFHTM/23.DT, IFHTM/24.DT
IFI7211.DT Professional Placement 6 Linda Helene Sillat IFHTM/23.DT, IFIOM/23.DT
IFI7214.DT Design and Development Lab 4 Vladimir Tomberg IFHTM/23.DT, IFIOM/23.DT
IFI7217.DT Foundations of Computer Science 4 Peeter Normak IFIOM/23.DT
IFI7219.DT Software Engineering and Design 4 Aishah Shah IFIOM/23.DT, IFITM/23.DT
IFI7221.DT Introduction to the Specialty 4 Peeter Normak IFITM/24.DT
IFI7222.DT Information Security and Risk Management 6 Hillar Põldmaa IFITM/23.DT, IFITM/24.DT
IFI7226.DT Digital Transformation Project in Organizations and Networks 6 James Sunney Quaicoe IFHTM/23.DT
IFI7228.DT Learning Analytics 4 Kaire Kollom IFHTM/23.DT, IFIOM/23.DT
IFI7229.DT Data Analysis: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics 4 Paula Joanna Sillat IFHTM/23.DT
IFI7230.DT Foundations of Information Systems Design 4 Raul Ennus IFITM/24.DT
IFI7233.DT Educational Technology and Digital Competence 6 Linda Helene Sillat IFIOM/24.DT, MLMOM/24.DT
IFI7235.DT Learning Environments and Networked Learning 6 Hans Põldoja IFHTM/24.DT, IFIOM/24.DT
IFI7237.DT Educational Technology and Learning Sciences 6 Kairit Tammets IFHTM/24.DT, IFIOM/24.DT
IFI7239.DT Data Analysis: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics 6 - Farhat-Ul-Ain IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7302.DT Basics of Game Development 4 Ahmed Mohamed Said Anwar Elshenawy DTLGM/24.DT, IFHTM/23.DT
IFI7316.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction 6 - Farhat-Ul-Ain IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7317.DT Accessible Computing 4 Vladimir Tomberg IFIMM/23.DT, IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7319.DT 2D Graphics for Computer Games 4 Anni Hô DTLGM/24.DT, IFHTM/23.DT
IFI7326.DT Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games 4 Triinu Jesmin DTLGM/23.DT
IFI7327.DT Learning Games Internship 6 Martin Sillaots DTLGM/23.DT
IFI7333.DT Psychological Aspects of Game Design 4 Triinu Jesmin DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7337.DT Graphics and Sound Programming 4 Nuno Correia DTLGM/23.DT
IFI7338.DT Agile Project Management 4 Martin Sillaots DTLGM/23.DT
IFI7339.DT Game Development Project 4 Yaraslau Kot DTLGM/23.DT
IFI7343.DT Ambient Computing 4 Yulia Sion IFIMM/23.DT, IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7345.DT Design of Game Logic 4 Peadar Charles Callaghan DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7346.DT Introduction to Digital Learning Games 4 Martin Sillaots DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7350.DT Game Industry 4 Brandon Marsh DTLGM/23.DT, DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7353.DT Professional Placement 6 Vladimir Tomberg IFIMM/23.DT
IFI7355.DT International Perspectives on Digital Educational Innovation 4 Linda Helene Sillat IFHTM/24.DT
IFI7356.DT Educational Data Mining Without Coding 4 Danial Hooshyar DTLGM/23.DT
IFI7362.DT Interaction Design Workshop 12 Mustafa Can Özdemir IFIMM/23.DT
IFI7364.DT Psychology for Interaction Design 4 - Farhat-Ul-Ain IFIMM/23.DT, IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7366.DT Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games 6 Triinu Jesmin DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7368.DT Educational Data Mining Without Coding 6 Danial Hooshyar DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7370.DT Graphics and Sound Programming 6 Nuno Correia DTLGM/24.DT
IFI7373.DT Foundations for the Development of Interactive Systems 4 Mohammed Mahmood Ibrahim Ockba IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7401.DT Collective Intelligence in Socio-Technical Systems 6 Merja Lina M. Bauters DTSSM/24.DT
IFI7404.DT Design Thinking and Generative Research 4 Iuliia Paramonova IFIMM/24.DT
IFI7408.DT ICT Strategic Management 6 Peeter Normak IFITM/24.DT
IFI7414.DT Sustainable Development Goals and Guidelines 4 Merja Lina M. Bauters DTSSM/24.DT, IFITM/24.DT
IFI7501.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction 6 - Farhat-Ul-Ain DTIDM/24.DT
IFI7507.DT Individual Subject 6 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa DTIDM/24.DT
IFI7508.DT Master Thesis Seminar I 10 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas DTIDM/23.DT
IFI7509.DT Master Thesis Seminar II 6 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa DTIDM/23.DT
IFI8004.DT Multivariate Statistics: Regression Models and Multivariate Analysis of Variance 4 Katrin Niglas IFITD/23.DT
IFI8110.DT Research Trends in Human-Computer Interaction 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas IFITD/23.DT
MLM6004.DT Differential Equations 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/22.DT
MLM6070.DT Introduction to University Mathematics 3 Alar Leibak MLMB/24.DT
MLM6101.DT Elementary Mathematics I 3 MLMB/24.DT
MLM6106.DT Mathematics in Practice 4 Jüri Kurvits IFIFB/24.DT
MLM6190.DT Basic Differential and Integral Calculus 6 Maria Zeltser GRR3B/24
MLM6191.DT Elementary Mathematics I 5 Regina Reinup GRR3B/24
MLM6193.DT Elementary Mathematics III 5 Jüri Kurvits GRR3B/23
MLM6195.DT Introduction to Analytic Geometry 6 Tõnu Tõnso GRR3B/23
MLM6197.DT Elements of Probability Theory 6 Tõnu Tõnso GRR3B/22
MLM6212.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 4 Tatjana Tamberg IFIFB/23.DT
MLM6227.DT Mathematical Modelling 4 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz MLMB/22.DT
MLM6228.DT Discrete Mathematics I 3 Tatjana Tamberg MLMB/24.DT
MLM6253.DT Modern Geometry 4 Mart Abel MLMB/23.DT
MLM6301.DT Optimization in Economics 6 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz MLMB/22.DT
MLM6305.DT Basics of Financial Arithmetic 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/23.DT
MLM6501.DT Mathematical Analysis I 4 Alar Leibak MLMB/24.DT
MLM6503.DT Mathematical Analysis III 4 Maria Zeltser MLMB/23.DT
MLM6506.DT Introduction to Probability 4 Tõnu Tõnso MLMB/23.DT
MLM6521.DT Linear Algebra 4 Tatjana Tamberg MLMB/24.DT
MLM6523.DT Algebra II 4 Mart Abel MLMB/23.DT
MLM6526.DT Analytic Geometry I 4 Tõnu Tõnso MLMB/24.DT
MLM7091.DT Mathematical Analysis 5 MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7103.DT Didactics of Mathematics 4 Madis Lepik IFIOM/24.DT, MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7104.DT Didactics of Mathematics in Basic School 3 Jüri Kurvits IFIOM/23.DT, MLMOM/23.DT
MLM7111.DT Practicum in Subject Didactics I 3 Jüri Kurvits MLMOM/23.DT
MLM7117.DT History of Mathematics 4 Mart Abel MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7198.DT Basic Teaching Practice I 6 Annika Volt MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7204.DT Mathematical Modelling 4 Tõnu Tõnso MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7401.DT Elementary Mathematics P1 3 IFIOM/24.DT, MLMOM/24.DT
MLM7404.DT Selected Topics from Elementary Mathematics II 4 Madis Lepik MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7406.DT Master´s Seminar I 3 Mart Laanpere MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7410.DT Statistics and Data Analysis 4 Kairi Osula MLMOM/22.DT
MLM7411.DT Basic Teaching Practice I 6 Annika Volt IFIOM/23.DT
MLM7414.DT An Overview of Algebra and Number Theory 5 Alar Leibak MLMOM/24.DT

123 planned courses in total.