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Courses offered by the School of Digital Technologies

Course code Course title ECTS Responsible lecturer
DTI6001.DT Studying at the University 6 Anna Šeletski
DTI6002.DT Enterprise Seminar 2
DTI7001.DT Traineeship Abroad 9 Hans Põldoja
DTI7002.DT Research Methods 6 Sirje Virkus
DTI7004.DT Active Academic Reading and Writing 4 Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi
DTI7005.DT Critical Thinking and Ethics 4 Juri Mets
DTI8001.DT Professional Implementation Activities 6
DTI8002.DT University Practice 6
DTI8003.DT Research Seminar 3 Timo Tobias Ley
DTI8004.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialization 6
DTI8005.DT Doctoral Thesis 180
DTI8006.DT Research Trends in Technology-Enhanced Learning and Knowledge Management 4 Maria Jesus Rodriguez Triana
DTI8007.DT Research Colloquium 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
DTI8008.DT Systematic Approaches to Reviewing Literature 6 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI6001.DT Effective Computer Usage 5 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6009.DT Software Engineering 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6013.DT Design and Development of Databases 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6014.DT Operating Systems 3
IFI6018.DT Networks and Data Communications 4 Meelis Karp
IFI6019.DT Theoretical Computer Science 5 Peeter Normak
IFI6022.DT Digital Media 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI6023.DT Computer Graphics 4 Darja Tokranova
IFI6028.DT Programming of Graphics and Music 3 Andrus Rinde
IFI6030.DT 3D Modelling 5 Kalle Kivi
IFI6033.DT Current Problems in IT Development 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6038.DT XML Applications 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6040.DT The Web Applications of Python and Zope 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6045.DT MS Windows Operating Systems 3 Tanel Toova
IFI6047.DT Basics of Digital Photography 3 Hans Põldoja
IFI6049.DT Intellectual Property and Data Protection 3 Tanel Õunapuu
IFI6051.DT Web Frameworks 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6053.DT 3D Models and CAM 3 Kalle Kivi
IFI6054.DT Agile Software Development 3 Liis Hundt
IFI6056.DT Creating Web Pages 3 Andrus Rinde
IFI6057.DT Intelligent Systems 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6058.DT Practical Work 5 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6059.DT Programming of Applications 4 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6060.DT The .NET Framework 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6063.DT Ethical, Social and Professional Aspects of Information Technology 4
IFI6068.DT Introduction to Information Systems 4 Jelena Vendelin
IFI6069.DT Basic Course in Programming 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6070.DT Intelligent Computer Use 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI6071.DT Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6072.DT Computer Hardware 3
IFI6074.DT Programming Fundamentals 4 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6075.DT Multimedia 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI6076.DT Web Programming 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI6077.DT 3D Modelling I 4 Kalle Kivi
IFI6078.DT Media Technology 3 Birgy Lorenz
IFI6081.DT Data Analysis I 3 Kairi Osula
IFI6082.DT Data Analysis II 3 Kairi Osula
IFI6083.DT Algorithms and Data Structures 4 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6084.DT Software Engineering Project I 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6085.DT Research Seminar I 2 Martin Sillaots
IFI6086.DT Research Seminar II 2 Martin Sillaots
IFI6087.DT Maintenance of Computers and Networks 4 Meelis Karp
IFI6088.DT Research Paper 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6089.DT Software Engineering Project II 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6090.DT Database Lab 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6091.DT Object-oriented Web Applications 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6092.DT Software Foundations of Testing 3 Sille Kaupmees
IFI6093.DT User Interfaces of Web Applications 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6094.DT User-Centered Design Methods 3 Hans Põldoja
IFI6095.DT Web Frameworks 3
IFI6097.DT Robotics 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6098.DT Statistical Analysis Solutions in R 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6099.DT Computer Games 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI6101.DT Internet of Things 3 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6102.DT 3D Animation 3 Andrus Rinde
IFI6103.DT Free Software Applications and Practices 4
IFI6104.DT Website Development and Management 3 Yulia Sion
IFI6105.DT 3D Modelling II 4 Kalle Kivi
IFI6106.DT Databases 4 Priidu Paomets
IFI6107.DT Introduction to Information Security 4 Hillar Põldmaa
IFI6200.DT Digital Technologies in Politics and Governance 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI6201.DT Scientific Thinking 6 Külli Kori
IFI6203.DT Robotics 4
IFI6206.DT Basics of the Digital Competencies 3 Jaanika Meigas
IFI6207.DT Interaction Design 4 Mati Mõttus
IFI6208.DT General Purpose Development Platforms 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6209.DT Introduction to Operating Systems Management 6 Tanel Toova
IFI6210.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialisation 3 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6211.DT Front End Development 4 Tauri Kirsipuu
IFI6212.DT Theoretical Computer Science 4 Peeter Normak
IFI6213.DT Software Development Practice 6 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6214.DT Web and Media Elements 6 Andrus Rinde
IFI6215.DT Maintenance of Computers and Networks 3 Meelis Karp
IFI6216.DT Bachelor Thesis 12
IFI6217.DT Digital Literacy 6 Linda Helene Sillat
IFI6218.DT Technologies of Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6219.DT Technology and Society 6 Marianne Paimre
IFI6220.DT Digital Information and Communication 6 Marianne Paimre
IFI6221.DT Quantitative Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6222.DT Qualitative Digital Humanities 6 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6223.DT Language and Technology 6 Kais Allkivi-Metsoja
IFI6224.DT Mobile Application Development 4 Roman Gorislavski
IFI6225.DT User Interface Design and Development 4 Brigitta Laura Kannel
IFI6226.DT Object-Oriented Programming 6 Jaagup Kippar
IFI6227.DT Web Programming 6 Andrus Rinde
IFI6228.DT Algorithms and Data Structures 6 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6229.DT Programming of Applications 6 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6230.DT Foundations of Software Testing 4 Sille Kaupmees
IFI6231.DT Software Development Project 4 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6232.DT Research Seminar 2 Andrus Rinde
IFI6233.DT Professional Placement 6 Inga Petuhhov
IFI6234.DT Participatory Design of Software Systems 4 Debora Conceição Firmino De Souza
IFI6235.DT Multimedia Technologies 6 Andrus Rinde
IFI6236.DT User Interface Aesthetics 4 Darja Tokranova
IFI7003.DT Project Management in Software Engineering 6 Peeter Normak
IFI7007.DT Research Methods 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7009.DT Master Seminar 6 Peeter Normak
IFI7011.DT Basic Teaching Practice I 6 Maia Lust
IFI7012.DT Basic Teaching Practice II 6 Maia Lust
IFI7013.DT ICT Strategic Management 5 Andres Kütt
IFI7015.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialisation 3 Peeter Normak
IFI7017.DT Pedagogical Professional Placement: Informatics 3
IFI7021.DT Development of Infrastructure of Information Technology 4 Peeter Normak
IFI7022.DT IT Operations and Management 5 Guido Leibur
IFI7023.DT Information Management 4 Priit Parmakson
IFI7025.DT Maintenance of Windows Workstations 4 Tanel Toova
IFI7026.DT Legal Issues Related to IT-Development 4 Eero Johannes
IFI7028.DT Practical Training 6 Peeter Normak
IFI7030.DT Financial Management 4 Eve Lamberg
IFI7031.DT Activity Learning in School Informatics 3 Mart Laanpere
IFI7034.DT Didactic of Informatics 6 Mart Laanpere
IFI7039.DT Server Side Interactive Technologies 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI7041.DT Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics 4
IFI7044.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 4
IFI7045.DT Information Security Management 4 Hillar Põldmaa
IFI7051.DT Principles of Learning Design 4 Mart Laanpere
IFI7052.DT Learning Environments and Learning Networks 3
IFI7053.DT Creating Digital Learning Resources 3 Hans Põldoja
IFI7055.DT Innovation Technologies 4 Mart Laanpere
IFI7056.DT Research Trends and Evaluation in Educational Technology 4
IFI7057.DT Councelling in Educational Technology 3
IFI7058.DT Apprenticeship Practice in Educational Technology 10 Kairit Tammets
IFI7059.DT Digital Media Production 3 Andrus Rinde
IFI7060.DT Learning Analytics 3 Kai Pata
IFI7061.DT Multimedia Development 5 Andrus Rinde
IFI7062.DT Educational Technology Infrastructure Seminar 3 Birgy Lorenz
IFI7064.DT Learning Management Systems 3
IFI7065.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar I 3
IFI7066.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar II 3
IFI7070.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 3
IFI7071.DT Multivariate Statistics 6 Kairi Osula
IFI7073.DT ICT Procurements and Contracts 4 Marko Nemberg
IFI7074.DT Technology-enhanced Learning in Organization 4 Kai Pata
IFI7075.DT Enterprise Architecture 5 Alexander Horst Norta
IFI7083.DT Learning Game Design 3 Martin Sillaots
IFI7084.DT Educational Technology In School 4 Kai Pata
IFI7085.DT IT Risk Management 4 Hillar Põldmaa
IFI7088.DT Hardware at School 4
IFI7089.DT Master Thesis 24
IFI7154.DT Developing Interactive Systems 5 Ilja Šmorgun
IFI7155.DT Evaluating the User Experience 5
IFI7156.DT Interaction Design Methods 5 Hans Põldoja
IFI7159.DT Foundations of Human Computer Interaction 5 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI7160.DT Current Topics in Human-Computer Interaction 4 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7161.DT Design Theory and Methodology 4 Merja Lina M. Bauters
IFI7162.DT Ubiquitous Computing 4 Ilja Šmorgun
IFI7163.DT Game Design 5
IFI7167.DT Social Computing 4 Timo Tobias Ley
IFI7171.DT Philosophy of Human-Computer Interaction 4
IFI7172.DT Human-Centered Computing 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI7176.DT Field Research Methods in HCI 4 Abiodun Afolayan Ogunyemi
IFI7177.DT Design of Game Assets 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7178.DT Design of Gameplay and Core Mechanics 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7179.DT Basics of Game Theory and Design 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7180.DT Prototyping 4 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7181.DT Serious Games Workshop 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7182.DT Educational Game Project 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7183.DT Research and Design of Educational Games 4 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7200.DT Didactic of Informatics 4 Mart Laanpere
IFI7201.DT Literacy of Digital Age 4
IFI7202.DT Multimedia Development 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI7203.DT Infrastructure Seminar and Hardware at School 4 Birgy Lorenz
IFI7204.DT Basics of the Security and Privacy 4 Birgy Lorenz
IFI7205.DT Digital Media Production 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI7206.DT Installation and Maintenance of Operation Systems 4 Tanel Toova
IFI7207.DT Digital Learning Resources 4 Mart Laanpere
IFI7208.DT Learning Environments and Networks 4 Hans Põldoja
IFI7209.DT Educational Technology and Learning Sciences 4 Kai Pata
IFI7210.DT Learning Analytics 4 Kairit Tammets
IFI7211.DT Professional Placement 6 Linda Helene Sillat
IFI7212.DT Quantitative Data Analysis 6
IFI7214.DT Design and Development Lab 4
IFI7215.DT Educational Programming Languages 4 Inga Petuhhov
IFI7216.DT Activity Learning in School Informatics 4 Mart Laanpere
IFI7217.DT Foundations of Computer Science 4 Peeter Normak
IFI7219.DT Software Engineering and Design 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7221.DT Introduction to the Specialty 4 Peeter Normak
IFI7222.DT Information Security and Risk Management 6 Hillar Põldmaa
IFI7223.DT IT Operations and Management 6 Guido Leibur
IFI7224.DT Educational Technology in School 6 Kadri Mettis
IFI7225.DT Basics of Digital Competencies 4 Marge Kusmin
IFI7226.DT Digital Transformation Project in Organizations and Networks 6 James Sunney Quaicoe
IFI7227.DT Learning Environments and Networked Learning 4 Hans Põldoja
IFI7228.DT Learning Analytics 4 Kaire Kollom
IFI7229.DT Data Analysis: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics 4 Kadri Mettis
IFI7230.DT Foundations of Information Systems Design 4 Raul Ennus
IFI7300.DT Designing Learning Technologies 4 Hans Põldoja
IFI7301.DT International Perspectives on Digital Innovations in Schools 4 James Sunney Quaicoe
IFI7302.DT Basics of Game Development 4 Ahmed Mohamed Said Anwar Elshenawy
IFI7303.DT Physiological and Affective Computing 4 Mati Mõttus
IFI7304.DT Perception and Attention in Digital Media 4 Mati Mõttus
IFI7305.DT Cognition and Emotion of Digital Media 4 Mati Mõttus
IFI7306.DT Learning Game Design 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7307.DT Learning Games Content Adaptation Parameters 4 Triinu Jesmin
IFI7308.DT Research Methods 6 Nuno Correia
IFI7309.DT Development of Interactive Systems 4 Ilja Šmorgun
IFI7310.DT User Experience Evaluation 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI7311.DT Ambient Computing 4 Ilja Šmorgun
IFI7312.DT Trust in Computing 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI7313.DT Interaction Design Methods 4 Merja Lina M. Bauters
IFI7314.DT End-user Computing 4 Baseer Ahmad Baheer
IFI7315.DT Practice 6 Ilja Šmorgun
IFI7316.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction 6 Mustafa Can Özdemir
IFI7317.DT Accessible Computing 4 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7318.DT Master´s Thesis Seminar 6 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI7319.DT 2D Graphics for Computer Games 4 Asian Hô
IFI7320.DT Information Visualisation 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI7321.DT Educational Technology in Learning Process 4 Kai Pata
IFI7322.DT International Perspectives on Digital Innovations in Schools 6 Kai Pata
IFI7323.DT Game Industry 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7324.DT Self-Regulated Learning in Serious Digital Games 4 John Nietfeld
IFI7325.DT 3D Graphics for Computer Games 4 Andrus Rinde
IFI7326.DT Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games 4 Triinu Jesmin
IFI7327.DT Learning Games Internship 6 Martin Sillaots
IFI7331.DT Level Design 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7332.DT Games as Learning Environments 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7333.DT Psychological Aspects of Game Design 4 Triinu Jesmin
IFI7334.DT Math and Physics for Games 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI7335.DT Game Development Patterns 4 Roman Gorislavski
IFI7336.DT Artificial Intelligence for Games 4 Jaagup Kippar
IFI7337.DT Graphics and Sound Programming 4 Nuno Correia
IFI7338.DT Agile Project Management 4 Suhaib Rehman Khan
IFI7339.DT Game Development Project 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7340.DT Development of Interactive Systems 4 Baseer Ahmad Baheer
IFI7341.DT User Experience Evaluation 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI7342.DT Interaction Design Project 4 Merja Lina M. Bauters
IFI7343.DT Ambient Computing 4
IFI7344.DT Advanced Game Development 4 Ahmed Mohamed Said Anwar Elshenawy
IFI7345.DT Design of Game Logic 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7346.DT Introduction to Digital Learning Games 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7347.DT Game Studies 4 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7348.DT Learning Game Design 4 Martin Sillaots
IFI7349.DT Design and Integration of Game Assets 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7350.DT Game Industry 4 Brandon Marsh
IFI7351.DT Gamification Design 4 Peadar Charles Callaghan
IFI7352.DT Cooperation and Co-Creation in Digital Environments 4 James Sunney Quaicoe
IFI7353.DT Professional Placement 6 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7354.DT Interactive Storytelling in Digital Media 4 Mikhail Fiadotau
IFI7355.DT International Perspectives on Digital Educational Innovation 4 Linda Helene Sillat
IFI7356.DT Educational Data Mining Without Coding 4 Danial Hooshyar
IFI7357.DT Extended Reality Workshop 4
IFI7358.DT Game Development Tools 4
IFI7359.DT Information Visualization and Representation 6 Nuno Correia
IFI7360.DT Data Analytics in R-language 4 Maria Kunevich
IFI7361.DT Design for Behaviour Change 4 Vladimir Tomberg
IFI7362.DT Interaction Design Workshop 12 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI7363.DT Product Management Foundations 4 Seda Sahradyan
IFI7401.DT Collective Intelligence in Socio-Technical Systems 6
IFI7402.DT Big, Open and Linked Data 6 Sirje Virkus
IFI7403.DT Data Driven Decision Making and Change Management in Organisations 6 Sirje Virkus
IFI7404.DT Design Thinking and Generative Research 4 Iuliia Paramonova
IFI7405.DT Software Analysis and Requirements Engineering 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI7406.DT Business Process Modeling and Automation 4 Alexander Horst Norta
IFI7407.DT Practice 6 Merja Lina M. Bauters
IFI7408.DT ICT Strategic Management 6 Peeter Normak
IFI7409.DT Participatory Design of Software Systems 6 Debora Conceição Firmino De Souza
IFI7410.DT ICT Strategic Management 4 Peeter Normak
IFI7411.DT Legal Aspects of E-governance 6 Juri Mets
IFI7412.DT Civic Engagement 6 Sara Sinha
IFI7501.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction 6
IFI7502.DT Master Thesis Seminar 16 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI7503.DT Development of Interactive Systems 4 Baseer Ahmad Baheer
IFI7504.DT User Experience Evaluation 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI7505.DT Field Research Methods in HCI 4 Andreas Papallas
IFI7506.DT Current Topics in Human-Computer Interaction 4 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI7507.DT Individual Subject 6 Sonia Claudia da Costa Sousa
IFI8001.DT Quantitative Methods for Data Collection and Analysis 3 Katrin Niglas
IFI8003.DT Research Methodology 6 Katrin Niglas
IFI8004.DT Multivariate Statistics: Regression Models and Multivariate Analysis of Variance 4 Katrin Niglas
IFI8005.DT Multivariate Statistics: Methods for Classifying Variables and Cases 4 Katrin Niglas
IFI8007.DT Mixed Methods Research Design 6 Katrin Niglas
IFI8101.DT Information Society Approaches and ICT Processes 8 Peeter Normak
IFI8102.DT ICT Implementation Activities 6 Peeter Normak
IFI8103.DT Qualifying Exam 6 Peeter Normak
IFI8104.DT University Practice 6 Peeter Normak
IFI8105.DT Doctoral Thesis 180
IFI8106.DT Research Seminar 4 Peeter Normak
IFI8107.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialization 4 Peeter Normak
IFI8108.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialization 6
IFI8109.DT Planning and Running R and D Projects 4 Peeter Normak
IFI8110.DT Research Trends in Human-Computer Interaction 4 David Jose Ribeiro Lamas
IFI8113.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialization 3 Peeter Normak
IFI8114.DT Individual Subject in the Area of Specialization 5 Peeter Normak
INT6001.DT Information Seeking: Sources and Methods 4
INT6002.DT Introduction to Information Sciences 6
INT6003.DT Research Methods in Information Studies 6
INT6006.DT Indexing and Abstracting 6 Aile Möldre
INT6007.DT Collection Management 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6009.DT Information Sources and Retrieval 6
INT6010.DT Information Management in Organisations 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6011.DT Information Services 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6014.DT Marketing in Library and Information Services 4 Aira Lepik
INT6015.DT Intellectual Property Rights 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6016.DT Business Information Sources 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6021.DT Digital Archiving 4 Raivo Ruusalepp
INT6029.DT Information Competencies 5 Sirje Virkus
INT6036.DT Information Marketing 5 Aira Lepik
INT6037.DT Preservation of Digital Information 5 Raivo Ruusalepp
INT6041.DT Electronic Publishing 4 Aile Möldre
INT6043.DT Information Management in Organizations 5 Sirje Virkus
INT6044.DT Introduction to Information Architecture 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6045.DT Information Services in Digital Environment 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6046.DT History and Development of Information 4
INT6047.DT Publishing 4 Aile Möldre
INT6048.DT Creation and Implimentations of Metadata 4
INT6049.DT Classification and Classification Systems of Information Resources 3 Merle Laurits
INT6050.DT Basics of Information Entrepreneurship 4 Aira Lepik
INT6051.DT Management of Information Organisations and Memory Institutions 4
INT6052.DT Integrated Library Systems 4 Merle Laurits
INT6053.DT Basics of Records Management 6 Kädi Riismaa
INT6054.DT Theory and History of Records Management 4
INT6055.DT Regulatory Issues of Records Management 5 Kädi Riismaa
INT6056.DT Preservation of Archive Records 5
INT6057.DT Digital Library: Social Functions and Human Resources 4 Aira Lepik
INT6058.DT User Training 3 Silvi Metsar
INT6059.DT Intership in Library 6 Merle Laurits
INT6060.DT Web Writing and Publishing 4 Aile Möldre
INT6061.DT Web Content Analysis and Communication 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6062.DT Information Environment of E-business 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6063.DT Information Scanning and Security in Web Environment 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6064.DT Webometrics and Web Studies 3 Aile Möldre
INT6065.DT Internship in Web Content Creation and Management 6 Silvi Metsar
INT6067.DT Ethics of Information Profession 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6068.DT Bachelor's Thesis 12
INT6071.DT Legal Issues of Records Management 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT6072.DT E-business information sources 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6073.DT Information Seeking: Sources and Methods 6 Aira Lepik
INT6074.DT Information History 4 Aile Möldre
INT6075.DT Collection Development and Management 6
INT6076.DT Creation and Management of Metadata 6 Aile Möldre
INT6077.DT Information Systems of Memory Institutions 4 Aira Lepik
INT6078.DT Management and Marketing in Memory Organizations 6
INT6079.DT Webometrics and Web Studies 4 Merle Laurits
INT6080.DT Preserving Digital Information 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT6081.DT Information Retrieval and Data Mining 5 Sirje Virkus
INT6082.DT Information Society Services and Information Governance 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT6083.DT Preserving Digital Information and Data 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT6084.DT Organization data management and information processes 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT6085.DT Digital Library Functions and Resources 4 Aira Lepik
INT6086.DT Information Governance, Data Management and Information Society Services 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT6087.DT Basics of Information Governance, Data and Records Management 6 Kädi Riismaa
INT6088.DT Basics of Publishing 4 Aile Möldre
INT6089.DT Business Information: Data and Resources 4 Silvi Metsar
INT6090.DT Library Didactics 4 Sirje Virkus
INT6091.DT Online Health Information Behaviour 4 Marianne Paimre
INT7008.DT Information Ethics and Legal Aspects of Information Resources 4 Silvi Metsar
INT7018.DT Models and Development of Information Systems 4 Merle Laurits
INT7079.DT Information Architecture and Information Design 6 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7081.DT Information Policy and Strategy 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7086.DT Development of Records Management and Archiving 4
INT7094.DT Strategies for Dissemination of Information 4 Aira Lepik
INT7096.DT Theories and Methodology of Information Science 6
INT7097.DT Information Behavior and Retrieval 6 Sirje Virkus
INT7098.DT Technologies and Approaches of Information and Knowledge Society 4 Sirje Virkus
INT7099.DT Information Management and Performance Assessment 4
INT7100.DT Theories of Information and Knowledge Management 4 Sirje Virkus
INT7101.DT Information and Knowledge Management Strategies 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7102.DT Information Perceiving and Presentation 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7103.DT Systems and Technologies for Information and Knowledge Management 4 Sirje Virkus
INT7104.DT Business Information Resources 4 Silvi Metsar
INT7105.DT Intership in Information- and Knowledge Management 4 Silvi Metsar
INT7106.DT Records and Archives Management Core Principles 4
INT7107.DT Electronic Records Management 4 Raivo Ruusalepp
INT7108.DT Records Management in the State Information System 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT7109.DT Managing Records in Public Administration Domains 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT7110.DT Digital Preservation 4 Raivo Ruusalepp
INT7111.DT Information Systems for Records and Archives Management 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT7112.DT Practical Records Management Work in Organisation 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT7113.DT Library in the Digital Environment 4 Aira Lepik
INT7114.DT Digital Library Technologies 4 Raivo Ruusalepp
INT7115.DT Digital Resources and Design 4
INT7116.DT Management of Digital Collections 4
INT7117.DT Digital Library Services and Users 4 Aira Lepik
INT7118.DT Intership in Digital Library 4 Silvi Metsar
INT7119.DT Documentary and Digital Cultural Heritage 4
INT7120.DT Specific Features of Memory Institutions and Their Information 4
INT7121.DT Working with cultural heritage collections 4
INT7122.DT Book Science 4
INT7123.DT Publishing: Structure, Functions, Policy 4 Aile Möldre
INT7124.DT Preservation Science 4
INT7125.DT Practical Placement in a Memory Institution 4
INT7126.DT Electronic Publishing Processes 4 Aile Möldre
INT7127.DT Career Information Sources and Services 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7128.DT Career Planning and Labour Market 4 Aira Lepik
INT7129.DT The Use of Social Media in Libraries 4 Aira Lepik
INT7130.DT Authenticity of Electronic Records 4 Raivo Ruusalepp
INT7131.DT Archive Management 4
INT7132.DT Records Management and Services 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT7151.DT Information and Records Management Systems 6 Kädi Riismaa
INT7152.DT Information and Knowledge Management Politics and Strategies 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7153.DT Information and Knowledge Management Theories and Practice 4 Sirje Virkus
INT7154.DT Approaches, Systems and Technologies of Information and Knowledge Society 4 Merle Laurits
INT7155.DT Searching for Information: Strategies and Methods 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7156.DT Internship in Information- and Knowledge Management 6 Silvi Metsar
INT7157.DT Information Services and Service Processes 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7158.DT Research Seminar 6 Aira Lepik
INT7159.DT Management and Preservation of Documentary and Digital Cultural Heritage 6 Aile Möldre
INT7160.DT Digital Library Technologies and Their Management 4 Marianne Paimre
INT7161.DT Information Architecture and Information Design 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7162.DT Analytical Information Services in Organisation 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7163.DT Digital Preservation and Information Governance 4 Kädi Riismaa
INT7164.DT Digital and Documentary Heritage 6 Aile Möldre
INT7165.DT Theories and Methodologies of Information and Data Science 6 Sirje Virkus
INT7166.DT Information Governance, Data and Records Management Systems 6 Kädi Riismaa
INT7167.DT Services of Data and Information Analysis of an Organization 4 Elviine Uverskaja
INT7168.DT Master's Seminar 6 Aira Lepik
INT7169.DT Introduction to Data: Open, Big and Linked Data 4 Sigrid Mandre
INT7170.DT Management of Digital Cultural Heritage 4 Aira Lepik
INT7171.DT Master’s Thesis 24 Aira Lepik
INT7172.DT Data Analytics in Library and Information Work 4 Marianne Paimre
INT7201.DT Information and Knowledge Management Theories and Practice 6 Sirje Virkus
INT8001.DT Practice of Research in Social Sciences 4 Sirje Virkus
INT8002.DT Conference Presentation 3
MLM6002.DT Mathematical Analysis I 5 Anna Šeletski
MLM6003.DT Mathematical Analysis II 4 Andi Kivinukk
MLM6004.DT Differential Equations 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6005.DT Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics I 5 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6007.DT Differential Equations 5 Maria Zeltser
MLM6009.DT Mathematical Analysis III 6 Maria Zeltser
MLM6011.DT Numerical Methods 5 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6022.DT Calculus 5 Jüri Kurvits
MLM6049.DT Seminar in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications 3 Maria Zeltser
MLM6050.DT Practice : Mathematical Analysis and/or Its Applications 3 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6060.DT Basic Mathematics for Science 5 Anna Šeletski
MLM6061.DT Basic Mathematics for Science 4 Anna Šeletski
MLM6070.DT Introduction to University Mathematics 3 Anna Šeletski
MLM6101.DT Elementary Mathematics I 3 Annika Volt
MLM6102.DT Elementary Mathematics II 3 Annika Volt
MLM6103.DT Elementary Mathematics III 3 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6106.DT Mathematics in Practice 4 Jüri Kurvits
MLM6110.DT Elementary Mathematics in Basic School 3 Regina Reinup
MLM6111.DT Geometry in Basic School 3 Jüri Kurvits
MLM6121.DT Applied Mathematics I 3 Tiiu Kaljas
MLM6131.DT Elementary Mathematics I 4 Tiiu Kaljas
MLM6132.DT Elementary Mathematics II 4 Jüri Kurvits
MLM6133.DT Elementary Mathematics III 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6180.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 4 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6181.DT Introduction to Calculus 4 Anna Šeletski
MLM6182.DT Introduction to Linear Algebra 4 Anna Šeletski
MLM6183.DT Introduction to Analytic Geometry 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6184.DT Elements of Probability Theory 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6190.DT Basic Differential and Integral Calculus 6 Anna Šeletski
MLM6191.DT Elementary Mathematics I 5 Annika Volt
MLM6192.DT Elementary Mathematics II 5 Annika Volt
MLM6193.DT Elementary Mathematics III 5 Annika Volt
MLM6194.DT Introduction to Linear Algebra 6 Alar Leibak
MLM6195.DT Introduction to Analytic Geometry 6 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6196.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 6 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6197.DT Elements of Probability Theory 6 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6202.DT Discrete Mathematics 5 Anna Šeletski
MLM6203.DT Algebra I 5 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6204.DT Analytical Geometry 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6205.DT Algebra II 4 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6206.DT Elementary Number Theory 4 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6210.DT Mathematical Programming 4 Andi Kivinukk
MLM6211.DT Software for Mathematics 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6212.DT Foundations of Discrete Mathematics 4 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6214.DT Foundations of Set Theory and Logic 4 Alar Leibak
MLM6215.DT Transformation Groups in Geometry 5 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6216.DT Elements of ProbabilityTheory 4 Alar Leibak
MLM6222.DT Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6224.DT Modern Geometry 4 Mart Abel
MLM6225.DT General Topology 3 Mart Abel
MLM6226.DT Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 5 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6227.DT Mathematical Modelling 4 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz
MLM6228.DT Discrete Mathematics I 3 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6229.DT Discrete Mathematics II 3 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6246.DT Numerical Methods 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6249.DT Seminar in Algebra/ Geometry and its Applications 3 Maria Zeltser
MLM6250.DT Practice : Algebra, Geometry or Their Applications 3 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6253.DT Modern Geometry 4 Mart Abel
MLM6300.DT Mathematical Programming 6 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz
MLM6301.DT Optimization in Economics 6 Jorge Eduardo Macias Diaz
MLM6302.DT Statistical Methods in Economics 6 Maria Zeltser
MLM6303.DT Financial Arithmetic 6 Maria Zeltser
MLM6304.DT Mathematical Methods in Management 6 Andi Kivinukk
MLM6305.DT Basics of Financial Arithmetic 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6306.DT Methods of Economic Statistics 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6307.DT Data processing and data mining 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6308.DT Spreadsheets and Programming 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6309.DT Spreadsheets and Programming 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6312.DT Functions of a Complex Variable 6
MLM6313.DT Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics II 6
MLM6400.DT Probabilistic Structures 6 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6401.DT Discrete Structures 6 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6402.DT Algebra and Geometry 6 Anna Šeletski
MLM6403.DT Probability and Mathematical Statistics 6
MLM6404.DT Work Placement in Mathematics I 3 Andi Kivinukk
MLM6405.DT Work Placement in Mathematics II 3 Andi Kivinukk
MLM6406.DT Continuous Structures 6
MLM6407.DT Differential Geometry 6
MLM6410.DT Work Placement I 3 Mart Abel
MLM6411.DT Work Placement II 3 Anna Šeletski
MLM6412.DT Professional Placement 6 Anna Šeletski
MLM6421.DT Bachelor's Seminar 3 Anna Šeletski
MLM6501.DT Mathematical Analysis I 4 Anna Šeletski
MLM6502.DT Mathematical Analysis II 4 Anna Šeletski
MLM6503.DT Mathematical Analysis III 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6504.DT Mathematical Analysis IV 4 Maria Zeltser
MLM6505.DT Selected Topics in Mathematical Analysis 3 Alar Leibak
MLM6506.DT Introduction to Probability 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6507.DT Mathematical Statistics 3 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6521.DT Linear Algebra 4 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM6522.DT Algebra I 4 Alar Leibak
MLM6523.DT Algebra II 4 Mart Abel
MLM6524.DT Analytic Geometry I 3 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM6525.DT Analytic Geometry II 3 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM7091.DT Mathematical Analysis 5 Anna Šeletski
MLM7092.DT Elements of Analytic Geometry 5 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM7093.DT Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Number Theory 5 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM7094.DT Introduction to Algebra 5 Tatjana Tamberg
MLM7103.DT Didactics of Mathematics 4 Madis Lepik
MLM7104.DT Didactics of Mathematics in Basic School 3 Jüri Kurvits
MLM7105.DT Didactics of Mathematics in Secondary School 3 Madis Lepik
MLM7111.DT Practicum in Subject Didactics I 3 Jüri Kurvits
MLM7112.DT Practicum in Subject Didactics II 3 Madis Lepik
MLM7117.DT History of Mathematics 4 Mart Abel
MLM7166.DT Digital Tools in Teaching Mathematics 4 Jüri Kurvits
MLM7196.DT Professional Placement 3 Tiiu Kaljas
MLM7198.DT Basic Teaching Practice I 6 Annika Volt
MLM7199.DT Basic Teaching Practice II 6 Annika Volt
MLM7200.DT Master's Thesis 24
MLM7202.DT Algebra III 6 Mart Abel
MLM7204.DT Mathematical Modelling 4 Tõnu Tõnso
MLM7206.DT Digital Tools in Teaching Mathematics 3 Jüri Kurvits
MLM7400.DT Master Thesis 18 Madis Lepik
MLM7401.DT Elementary Mathematics P1 3 Annika Volt
MLM7402.DT Elementary Mathematics P2 3 Annika Volt
MLM7403.DT Selected Topics from Elementary Mathematics I 4 Jüri Kurvits
MLM7404.DT Selected Topics from Elementary Mathematics II 4 Madis Lepik
MLM7405.DT Heuristics in School Mathematics 3 Madis Lepik
MLM7406.DT Master´s Seminar I 3 Madis Lepik
MLM7407.DT Master´s Seminar II 3 Madis Lepik
MLM7408.DT Overview of Algebra and Geometry 5 Alar Leibak
MLM7409.DT Selected Topics in Mathematical Analysis 5 Anna Šeletski
MLM7410.DT Statistics and Data Analysis 4 Kairi Osula
MLM7420.DT Master's Thesis 15 Madis Lepik
MLM7421.DT Master's Exam 15 Madis Lepik
MLM7504.DT Didactics of Mathematics in Basic School 5 Madis Lepik
MLM8001.DT Fourier Analysis and Its Applications 6 Andi Kivinukk
MLM8004.DT Harmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory 6
MLM8021.DT Seminar in Professional Mathematical Literature I 6
MLM8024.DT Seminar in Mathematics II 9
MLM8026.DT Seminar in Professional Mathematical Literature II 6
MLM8032.DT Applications of Functional Analysis 6
MLM8201.DT Dynamical Systems and Numerical Modelling 6
MLM8210.DT Seminar in Mathematics I 6
MLM8224.DT Seminar in Mathematics I 3
MLM8225.DT Seminar in Mathematics II 3

563 active courses in total.